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Canon M50 Mark II - Setup as Clean HDMI Out, but I am getting Live View Through HDMI


Hey Everyone,

      I just got myself a Canon M50 Mark II, also owning the M50. I got the Mark II so that I could have "Clean HDMI" out of the camera. Currently I have the setting set for that. I put the HDMI cable into the camera, and then into my capture card in my computer. What I am seeing in my livestream/recording software is a squished output of the "Live View" screen. I have video with bars on the top and bottom of the frame and a grey outline on the top and bottom of the frame. So basically I am not seeing the full 1920x1080 of the frame, but only seeing the output of the "Live View". I can record video to the SD card and the video is perfect. I am not sure what is going wrong, but it is sure frustrating. I also tested my Canon 90D and it works perfect, so it isn't my capture card or my software on the computer.

Thank you,



Thank you!

@DonMTV did you ever find a solution for this? I just got the M50 Mark II and it's doing the same thing with the black bars on top and bottom of the Clean HDMI output.

It ended up being a bad HDMI cable. I know, it was super frustrating to send it in and it was working perfectly for them. Sent it back. Still did it. Tried new HDMI and it worked perfect for me.

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