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Canon EOS Reb T5i ...Pictures and Videos: "cannot play back image" w/ a yellow-?


My camera is a Canon EOS Rebel T5i


I have encountered a similar to the same issue in October, on our trip to the East Coast and then at a Worship Concert last night:


1) First, a message came up on the screen with a red and white X and it said, "ERROR" and something about not beginning able to take a picture. It also said to turn camera off and back on OR remove the battery.

So I turned it off, but then a blue message with a loading circle came up that said, "Recording Images: 1".

I then turned it back on, but the blue message remained.

I also flipped it to video mode then back off- but in every setting the message remained.


I then took the battery out, and it went to a black screen like it was off. (Not sure if that is good or bad.) It did come on after that, so I went to view my pictures to make sure they were still there. At first I saw nothing except a pic I had taken before we arrived at the concert. I turned it off then on again, this time there seemed to be nothing still. Then, I scrolled backwards and started to see the pics I had taken upon first arriving at the concert and on to the more recent ones. So, it appeared to be fixed, until...


The same "ERROR" message kept recurring throughout the night as did the Blue "Recording image: 1" message. 

  If I were to remove the battery upon receiving the "Error" message, then re insert it- the camera seemed to operate somewhat normally.

However, when I would turn the camera off upon the "Error" message...The Blue message would come up.


2) The first half of the night I was able to record videos as usual without a "busy" issue. Although, after these "Errors" started occurring:

Every time I would record a video clip, the camera would freeze on the video preview screen and when I would switch back to picture mode, it would remain frozen coming up with the word 'busy" this would go on anywhere from 1 to 3 minutes depending on the video. This has not ever been an issue with the camera before. 
If I would allow the camera to "load" for a few minutes it would return to operating normally. If I flipped it off at this "busy" point- the dreaded blue "Recording Images: 1" message would return.


So, at this point I was a bit frustrated- But still able to operate the camera with patience. 


However, this morning when I went to view my pictures and videos...MANY of them (about half or more) will not open on the computer, and on the camera there is a Yellow Question Mark and it reads, "Cannot Playback Image"...

It seems as though, these pics and vids that are not allowing me to view them, are the ones I would have taken when the "Error" messages started occurring...

Now today- When I take a picture I can view it fine at first, but as soon as I turn the camera off and back on again it is gone-and there is a Question mark screen. And the Video "busy" thing is still happening...As well as the "Error" message.


I'm at wits end...

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!!  




What kind of SD card are you using? You want one with numbers/codes on it like this:



John Hoffman
Conway, NH

1D X Mark III, M200, Many lenses, Pixma PRO-100, Pixma TR8620a, Lr Classic


Hi - Exact same issue happened to me yesterday. Even the sequence you describe is an exact match.

Did you ever recover your files. I have no issues buying a new SD card. 

I want to recover over 400 Raw, JPEG and Movie files! 


If the files don't show up when using a card reader, you can try some recovery software.

ebiggs recommends RecoverIt.

In any case, don't use this card in your camera anymore, get a new card for future shots.