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Canon EOS RP Banding Issue


New owner of the RP but not sure of this camera because of the horrible banding. 

I'm a night photograhper so all my images are pretty much dark but properly exposed.

I'm getting banding without even pushing the shadows or the night sky, and when I do push them the image is becomes usless.

Will there be a firmware fix for this like the one the EOS R received?



I just discovered this problem as well, even though I've had the camera for almost two

years.  Caring for an elderly parent has curtailed my photography, but I took my RP out

the other afternoon and for the first time I noticed very prominent purple banding in my

RAW images straight out of the camera and shooting at ISO 400 and ISO 800 with no

PUSH in the exposure.  Like I said, straight out of the camera with NO processing.  I loaded

the images in to the Canon software as well as, Lightroom, Affinity and Exposure and they are

all showing the same result.  I just wanted to make certain that the processing softwares were

loading the images correctly.  These were taken just before sunset and at sunset.  I was using

a Tamron 35-150 and this lens produces perfect images in my 6D, my 80D and has in the recent

past always produced them in the RP.  I love the utility of the RP.  I have partial paralysis in my right hand,

so the smaller form factor is a huge plus, add the lower weight and easy ergonomics, plus, the usually great

images and it's in my go to bag all the time.

I'll post an image as soon as possible.  I really want to get this issue addressed and will

take all of the help I can get.  ThanksIMG_8234-Exposure.jpg

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