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Canon EOS 50D Shoots RAW Video



Canon EOS 50D Cinema Camera!
Magic Lantern has made it possible to shoot RAW video on the 5 year old Canon EOS 50D. The forgotten 15mp APS-C predecessor to the EOS 60D.

The software is very early in development, but at least one person that has shot with the camera and firmware is quite impressed. EOSHD notes that the camera has hardly any moire or aliasing in early tests and the ISO performance is terrific. The larger pixels on the 15mp sensor really do make a positive difference over the 18mp sensor that we’ve had for years now.

Below is a bit of information of what works well with the current software on the EOS 50D.

Resolution & Performance.
Results (24 fps):

1592×1062 – frame skipping after about 50 frames (67.7MB/s)
1592×840 – frame skipping after about 480 frames (53.5MB/s)
1592×720 – no frame skipping (44.3MB/s)

1320×1062 – frame skipping after about 300 frames (56.1MB/s)
1320×960 – frame skipping after about 1200 frames (50.7MB/s)
1320×840 – no frame skipping (44.3MB/s)

1280×1062 – frame skipping after about 250 frames (54.4 MB/s)
1280×960 – no frame skipping (49.2MB/s)






EOS-1 Bodies
Canon doesn’t mention anything about EOS-1 bodies and third party firmware in the above story. However, I have been told Canon would take legal action against anyone publicly releasing unauthorized firmware for the EOS-1 bodies, so this is probably why we haven’t seen any development of such software.

You can read the entire article at DIY Photographer

click here to view the press release