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Canon EOS 350D/EOS Rebel XT: Which driver to use to read the card?


This page does not show what each is used for.  

WIA Driver 5.6.0 for Windows XP > WA560EN seems to be obvious.  But it didn't work.

Why don't they list what each is used for?  What is a WIA driver?  


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I buy everything used so they probably don't consider me faithful or loyal....:)  Depreciation is not my thing. 


I have been through this whole thread and am still struggling with what the issue is. The link provided is a dead end.

Are you talking about how to read a card from your camera on a card reader attached to a computer?

The first question I would have is what kind of computer device are you trying to read it on?

The 350XT uses a standard CF card, so any current CF card reader should read the cards in your 350XT.  Using the principle of the simplest solution is the best, I would agree with previous advice that the technique that will be easiest and most reliable is to remove the card from you camera, put it into a CF card reader (if your computer doesn't have one - not uncommon these days), one can get a USB card reader quite cheaply.  When your CF card is connected to your computer it should be recognized as a drive and you can copy the files onto your hard disc and process them.  This avoids trying to make USB cables work with your camera.

cheers, TREVOR

Before you ask us, have you looked in the manual or on the Canon Support Site?
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Removing and replacing the card all day long is tedious so I was looking for a solution where I could leave the camera tethered to the computer.  The link I'm talking about is this:

As of July 24, 2022 its very much alive.  Too bad the drivers don't work on my Win7 system.  I notice a lot of companies are not bothering to mention if Win10 or 11 is needed.  They just assume we all upgrade without a care in the world.  Its pretty naive.  A lot of us despise the direction of Windows in the last few years.  They are moving to total control, subscription based so more and more people are leaning towards Linux. 

Microsoft support for Windows 7 ended many years ago.  As a result, many OEMs stopped releasing software for that OS.  Some cameras simply do not have software apps that run on Windows 7.

If you are looking to do coding, then you are in the wrong place.  This is a forum for users.  Meaning people that use Canon cameras and Canon apps for the cameras.

"The right mouse button is your friend."

Did I mention coding or anything close to coding?  No.
I'm a user.  Just like you.  And like you I like things to work. 
Realize that words like "many" and "some" are inexact and are not helpful when seeking solutions.  I find Win7 is fine for most everything I do.  Sure I'll have to let it go in the future but if there's a way to use it I'm hoping I can find a way to use it longer.  Its rare I get stumped by the OS.  As for support, Microsoft is absurdly negligent in supporting their own products so it doesn't make any difference if they offer anything now.  They hardly improved it since it was first introduced!  Microsoft wants subscription income.  That's their whole focus. 

I can see you are frustrated, but being bitter and making sweeping generalizations is not going to help us to help you.  You started this thread over 7 years ago, when Windows 10 was supported. 

MS supported Windows 7 for over 10 years, by which time it was considered past the point of patching and upgrading because the base structure was flawed in the context of evolving malware and application platform demands. Continued patching was making the structure cluttered and creak at the seams, resulting in more bugs.  They even provided support for a couple of critical vulnerabilities after that period.  Like you, I loved Windows 7 and I avoided 8 like the plague.  The fact that MS skipped v9 and went to Win 10 is some indication of their attempt to disassociate themselves from the very flawed version.  The code was almost completely re-written to give the system a much more coherent and secure structure. Most of this is not obvious, and likely the interface is what is most objectionable - that and the on-line collaboration tools that are a demand of a new generation that thinks and works in that context - even if we don't.   I loaded 10 and had no great issue in making it look much like 7, and not installing many of those collaboration features - there was even documentation about it on the web through the MS user groups.   If this is so egregious to you then you should migrate to Linux - that is your right as a consumer. 

Most software vendors are moving to a model of Software As A Service - this is not new: it was happening from the early 1960's with IBM on mainframe computers, and gained traction with PC application developers in the 1990's.  It offers benefits in terms of giving immediate updates to all users for bugs, security and feature improvements.  Likely the most obvious one for photographers is Adobe and their CC platform.  If one does not want to engage with that model there are versions for purchase as a product in the legacy model.  So there are alternatives.

As to the Canon EOS 350/Rebel XT:  This is a 17-year-old camera and for most companies this would be well past any support.  Canon still provide downloads for firmware, and drivers within reason.  However, it is unreasonable to provide drivers for a very limited use, on an obsolete camera, for the latest operating systems of which there are now many more: Linux, Chrome, Apple, Windows to name the main ones.   The market is under stress and such support comes at a cost.

cheers, TREVOR

Before you ask us, have you looked in the manual or on the Canon Support Site?
"All the beauty of life is made up of light and shadow", Leo Tolstoy;
"Skill in photography is acquired by practice and not by purchase" Percy W. Harris

All I was asking for was clarification on whether certain drivers are compatible with what operating systems.  Its not much to ask for.  Its kind of an expected standard.  Release a driver/program and simply tell us what its compatible with. 

Asking for a driver in your original post implies coding.  If want a driver, then I recommend visiting your revised link in the original post and click on the button that says “SDK”.  You will find device drivers there.  

Microsoft notified users many years in advance about the “End Of Life” date for Windows 7.  If you need a new app for a Windows 7 platfrom today, then you almost have to write it yourself.

Good Luck.

"The right mouse button is your friend."


On this page:
it seems to autodetect my Win7 64 bit OS. 
So the drivers should work but they don't.  My camera is not detected.  I was just wondering if others have noticed this using Win7. 

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