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Canon 800D (T7i) -- ability (or non-ability) to use manual cine lenses


I bought the Canon 800D because it allowed for external audio and I'm not yet ready for a pro camera.


That said, I like to shoot video and wanted to upgrade my lens and got a Rokinon 35mm after seeing tons of reviews saying it was the best lens for budget-conscious amateurs getting their feet wet on video... 


Only problem is the lens will not communicate with the camera and only works about 20% of the time...which makes it completely unreliable.


Another problem is the Canon 800D does NOT have a setting int he menu for release shutter w/o lens...


Anyone else have this problem or know a fix...or am I just stuck using only Canon lenses?



Nearly all of the Rokinon lenses are fully manual lenses.  They do not communicate with the camera.  The Aperture setting will typically display as "F00" in the Quick Menu, and in the Optical Viewfinder.  You will not have any auto focus capability.


As far as firing the shutter goes, only the mirrorless cameras lock out the shutter release, by default, when there is no lens attached.  It should fire no matter what, every time you fully press the shutter.


[EDIT] The Rokinon provides a medium wide AOV, Angle of View, on a full frame camera body.  It will provide a medium standard AOV on an APS-C sensor body like the Rebel T7i.


It is perfect for one of those "talking head" shot videos that you see all over YouTube.

"The right mouse button is your friend."

Just buy a Canon lens.  It will work!

EOS 1DX and 1D Mk IV and several lenses!

Is the camera in manual focus mode?

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