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Canon 7D as webcam?


I have a 7D (not mine exactly, but I’m borrowing it indefinitely) and I was setting it up to use as a webcam, when it occurred to me: is it even possible given how old it is?

I’m not super tech savvy so excuse me for that. But I have zoom meetings every week and wanted to use that camera to challenge myself in trying to set it up.

Basically, I have an HDMI Mini to HDMI going from the camera to a capture card to the PC. Now, when I’m using it, it needs to be set on video or else nothing shows up. When it’s all set up, it basically turns the pc monitor into the same display as the camera display, meaning there is the HUD and display settings all over it. This all shows up on my face camera over zoom. Similar to how android phones will take a screenshot of the Snapchat app using the camera, rather than just using the camera. My computer is just recording the screen display of the camera and not using the camera itself, which makes for terrible quality.

Now I can turn the display settings off which is easy, but I’m stuck with the little white square/rectangle used for focusing. I can’t get that to go away no matter what. Autofocus, manual focus, and there was a setting (that I forgot what it’s called) that can track facial movement for focusing or something. I read that switching this setting would help, but I switched through the 3 different settings and that white square is still there.

Any tips or ideas? Or is this camera just unable to be used as a webcam?




The 7D non mkiI is not officially supported by the Webcam Utility.

You can try it, but it may or may not work.

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Hi! To clarify, the current version of EOS Webcam Utility works with the EOS 7D Mark II.  While the previous version of EOS Webcam Utility supported the EOS 7D, we're unable to ensure that the current version will do so as the original EOS 7D not on the list of supported models.

Hope this helps!


"Any tips or ideas? Or is this camera just unable to be used as a webcam?"


Ya never want to say never because somebody will always find a way to do it. 😉 But I would not want to try to use a 7D as a web camera. I am sure overheating will be a huge problem to overcome if possible at all. The Canon 7D comes equipped with a temperature sensor. If the internal temperature exceeds a set threshold, Live View will be disabled to protect internal circuitry from overheating. 

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The 7D is an older DSLR that was released before the rise in popularity of YouTube and other social platforms.  I believe that it does not support “Clean HDMI” output.  It is not a video camera.  It is a stills camera that is capable of recording short video clips.  I suspect that you will find that the use of an HDMI cable will not be met with the results you are looking for.

The EOS Webcam Utility was released in Spring 2020.  It allowed users working from their homes to use supported Canon products as USB webcams.  For the latest products, it offered higher resolution and better quality video and audio than what would normally be available through the use of the built-in camera and microphone found in most laptops.  

 Please be advised that the EOS Webcam Utility only uses the USB port connection to the host computer or laptop.  Many older cameras are not longer service by Canon and do not seem to be officially supported by the Webcam Utility.   But, many of the older mid-range cameras seem to work just fine.

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To you and anybody, the 7d does work for Webcam utility. Just download under 7d mark II and connect a mini usb cord to camera/computer

I have a Canon 7D Mark 1 and Canon Webcam Utility isn't working for me. 

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