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Canon 70D died


My 70D that is only 1yr 1/2 old died all of the sudden.  I have only used it lightly and have taken very good care of it.  I tried another battery thinking that may be the probelem.  Even a brand new Canon battery did not turn it on.  Just no juice, nothing.  I sent it to Canon service center, and they sent me an estimate for $224.  I called to ask what the problem was, they said they still dont know, that  was just to take a look and fix the issue if there is one.  If it is something with major damage they will contact me with a different estimate.


It worked perfectly fine one day.  I charged the battery back up, plugged it it, and just never turned back on again.  I haven't even paid off the camera yet on my best buy card, so I have a real problem with Canon charging me anything so soon, and for an obviously lightly used camera.  


Has anyone had a similar issue before?  Is having Canon do this my best option?  I read another post of someone who fixed themselves, but I'm of course leery not knowing exactly wha the problem is.  Plus I have shoots lined up, and need to act fast.


I wish they had a better program to just trade up or something, if I'm spending money anyway.

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Canon Brazil already did. They are fixing the cameras for free.

Canon Brazil already did. They fix it for free.




I have been using canon cameras for the last 10 years (Im from Chile), started with a used Canon EOS 5 (analog), after a while bought a T3i which I thought was great but hours after an earthquake was stolen from my home with my laptop (no photo backup), such luck, right?. Almost 6 months passed after that and managed to save money and buy a new one, this was the 70D, I was in love with the camera, started traveling with my girlfriend to chilean altiplano, titicaca lake in bolivia, peru, etc, the camera worked flawlessly with a 100% focus usage on photography.


Everything was fine until march of this year, the camera just died, after trying to record an waited live presentation of folklore band Markamaru (not in stage for more than 15 years) the camera froze showed errror 80 after 10 minutes of recording, how is this possible?, asked in canon chile and they charge me more than 400.000CLP (~700USD) to be repaired, just to give a you a perspective: in Chile minimun wage is 250.000CLP. In short, CANON is charging me to fix a camera which failed because a design error by CANON itself. This is really bad, photography wasnt just a hobbie for me, I helped local music band to achieve professional media for their demos and albums, made photomineral projects for the Arturo Prat University (MP-e 65mm 5x mag), etc. Because I trusted CANON now I cant work, I dont have 400.000CLP to fix my camera, and know why? why should do I pay for it?, it's CANON FAULT.



Maybe CANON wont act in Chile like they did in Brazil and wont get my camera fixed in the near future, but one thing for sure wont happen if CANON dont take action: wont buy canon equipement again and will make my personal agenda to avoid anyone to buy from CANON Inc, not as a vendetta but to avoid them to experience what happened to me.

People save money for months or even years to be able to buy a good camera and you mistreat them with poorly designed gear, shame on you CANON.

Shame on Canon is right! I ended up not repairing my Canon, bit the bullet, and switched to Sony. I'm over Canon's crap. 


I got the same problem here in Thailand. The camera stopped to work after about 18 months of use. I did not use much, only make family pictures and no movie shooting that can remember. Error 80, managed to turn it on couple of times after remove and replace the battery and the IT DIED !!!!

I found a bit weird how it happens so I started to look online for people having the same problem, that was when found that hundreds if not thousands of cameras died all over the world.

So I understand that the problem was a faulty board and after new that Canon take responsability in Brazil I hope I can get the same treatment here in Thailand, but I was wrong.

Actually I was punished, at the official Canon Service Center at MBK (Ma Boon Khrong) I was informed that my camera was not imported by Canon Thailand and that the repair cost would be THB 13,500 which is about USD 400. And then came the punishment, they said that would offer me a 40% discount on the repair of their faulty product if bought it from the ones they import into Thailand and also give me some advice: "next time you buy from Canon" followed by a nice smile. Funny because I think I bought a Canon camera, made and sold by Canon. I bought the camera at the shopping center in a nice beautiful shop but it happens to be one of those cameras Canon sold to unreliable distributors that sells their products in what here is called "grey market".

Shame of Canon !!! Of course I will never buy Canon products again and advise everybody I know don't to buy too.

I sent to fix my faulty camera in Brazil and will sell it and buy the new Nikon 7500 as soon as I get it back.



Yes this also happened to me. And after some research I have found that this is Canons proiblem and are charging people an arm and leg to repair, not to mention the down time. If I don't get some sort resolution to this I will be switching brands. Tghis is robbery!


Just want to add my voice to the chorus on the 70D pcb problem. Today I spent about an hour on the phone with various Canon reps, customer care mostly but also a supervisor and an even higher level guy in the main office in New York, trying to get some traction or at least acknowledgement that there's a problem with the 70D that's hurting my beloved Canon brand. Like so many others on this thread and in many other places on the web, my 70D, putchased April 2015, died during a video shoot in April 2017. It first exhibited bad video frames and still images (blocky color areas or partiallly missing frames). The next day on a still photo shoot, hoping it was just a fluke with the SD card, the camera just completely quit working, powered up but wouldn't take a picture or video. As with others' experience, I got none of the warnings the manual says it should have given in an overheat situation. It just fried or desoldered the primary circuit board. Canon quoted $453.08 to repoace the primary circuit board, but I elected not to have it repaired because Canon wouldn't or couldn't confirm that the replacement PCB didn't have the same ovbious flaw. I elected to put a retired 60D back in action and save my money for the "90D." Well, now the 60D is, unsurprisingly for its age and heavy use, beginning to flake out so I have to get an APS-C body back in action. I found places that will replace the 70D's PCB for as little as $239, but still no acknowledgement of the problem nor verification that the new part is not flawed like the original. Scott at Canon said he'd get back to me after I asked about Canon taking some responsibility. It truly galls me as I have been shooting Canon cameras as an enthusiast and professionally since 1976 (an all black FTbn was my first) and still have 10 Canon cameras (video and still) and 15 lenses in regular professional use. I think my Canon evangeligising days are numbered. Anyway, if someone has any different ideas of what course of action to take, I'm open to suggestions.

Would you let me know status updates as I'm also having an error 80 issue and camera is dead.

UPDATE: On Oct. 20 I spoke with a local camera repairman who did some research and verified there is a higher incidence of the 70D pcb overheating and failing. He thinks Canon is aware of it because their repair part now includes a pcb and two new parts and the price for the part package has gone up. He was not able to determine how the extra parts addressed the issue. I also spoke the same day with Scott  at Canon's offices in New York. He listened but said he'd have to get back to me and asked me to send a photo of all the batteries I used in the 70D. Three are Canon and four are aftermarket but have never shown any signs of trouble in any of my four bodies that take them. I think he's fishing. I can't keep waiting for him to respond so today I ordered a refurbished 80D from Canon Direct. They're on sale, $679 (enter coupon discount code TREATPLEASE), a much better option than a repair on the 70D. I haven't seen any discussion of an overheating failure on the 80D so I'm hopeful Canon has addressed the problem in the newer model.


I always used Canon original battery came with the camera. The camera stopped to work after one and half year. Bogus battery? I don't think so...

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