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Canon 70D died


My 70D that is only 1yr 1/2 old died all of the sudden.  I have only used it lightly and have taken very good care of it.  I tried another battery thinking that may be the probelem.  Even a brand new Canon battery did not turn it on.  Just no juice, nothing.  I sent it to Canon service center, and they sent me an estimate for $224.  I called to ask what the problem was, they said they still dont know, that  was just to take a look and fix the issue if there is one.  If it is something with major damage they will contact me with a different estimate.


It worked perfectly fine one day.  I charged the battery back up, plugged it it, and just never turned back on again.  I haven't even paid off the camera yet on my best buy card, so I have a real problem with Canon charging me anything so soon, and for an obviously lightly used camera.  


Has anyone had a similar issue before?  Is having Canon do this my best option?  I read another post of someone who fixed themselves, but I'm of course leery not knowing exactly wha the problem is.  Plus I have shoots lined up, and need to act fast.


I wish they had a better program to just trade up or something, if I'm spending money anyway.

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I have the same problem. 70D freezes up when trying to shoot video. Have to take the battery out to get the camera to shut off. After doing a lot of reshearch it seems that 1000's of people are having this same issue. Canon is Brazil issued a recall and is fixing this issue for free. Why isn't Canon USA offering to do the same. It seems to be a relay on the motherboard heats up and causes this lock up. It is a known defect on the 70D, not sure if other models have the same issue. I am waiting to hear back from Canon as to what my options are.

Similar problem with my 6D. PCB Ass'y with li batt replacement-$500.  "loyality" program  offer not much savings so will probably fix.  Used Canons since 1982 AE1 and never considered switching but if this fix does not last, will probably change. 


My 3 year old Canon EOS 70d did the same thing Christmas morning.  I turned it on and got pictues that were just white images with lines going across.  I then turned it off, changed the battery, changed the sim card and tried the battery fix i saw online, nothing worked.  I started getting an error 80.  Now it wont even turn on at all.

(First time i couldn't film my kids opening their xmas gifts.)


I wrote to Canon and they told me it would not be covered and they do not have a recall on the 70D camera.  After looking on the internet and seeing all the people having the same problems, Canon should be taking care of their customers because this is clearly not a one off issue.  Their is a facebook page with hundreds of people and instagram too


of course my extended warranty had expired so i'm either out the cost to fix it or I own a very expensive paperweight. 


Has anyone sent thier 70D in to Canon for replacement of the motherboard recently? Just wondering if they are still charging $450.00 for the motherboard replacement. It's a shame that Canon USA does do what Canon Brazil did and repair this faulty motherboard for free.  I will either buy a motherboard myself from China on ebay, or else just buy a used cheaper model Canon EOS so I can use the Canon glass I own, but are far as buying anything else new from Canon, that's not going to happen.  FYI, Canon will sell you a 70D motherboard, but they will not sell it to you with the software and battery installed. In other words they will sell you the part, but it is useless to you unless you are an authrorized service facility. 

I bought a Canon 70D refurbished almost exactly two years ago. I feel pretty comfortable buying refurbished because I figure that whatever's gone wrong has already happened and they've opened it up and dealt with it. If anything it should be more reliable than a first run camera. Today I walked away from my camera while Live View was on to talk with my client, and when I came back it was frozen with ERR 80 on the top screen. It refused to turn off so I pulled the battery and since then it has refused to turn back on. I've tried multiple batteries, I've tried multiple lenses, I've given it hours to rest with no battery, I've checked the battery door switch. For a moment it gave me a low battery warning, but that's all the life I've seen from it since.

Having found dozens of accounts similar to mine online I'm concerned that this camera not only has a defective motherboard, but that at least as recently as two years ago they were "repairing" it with the same flawed part. It makes me not want to get a repair unless its free, because I don't want to be back here again in 6 months or 2 years.

I have Canon cameras that I have owned for more than a decade that still work fine. The reliability of their cameras and their customer support have been great up until now. This is really disappointing. I was already considering a switch to Panasonic or Sony for video. I'm starting to lean that way more.


If there's an official petition, lawsuit or complaint I'd like to be a part of it.

I completely agree if there is a class action suit or a petition or anything I can do to make Canon repair their products for free when there is clearly a defect and they are aware of it

I just played around a little bit with Google Trends searching things like "70D error 80" "60D error 80" "70D problem" "70D fix" etc. The search term "Canon 70D error 80" shows up pretty consistently for the past 3-4 years but substituting 60D, 80D, 6D, 5D, etc. gives no results. There are a lot of people searching about error 80 messages with their 70D cameras.

Also just did a search for sold PCB board listings on ebay for the 60D, 70D and 80D. One sold for the 80D, a couple for the 60D and more than ten for the 70D. People are clearly doing the DIY thing as well.

Not sure if you heard but Canon has a service announcement on the EOS 70D ERROR 80 problem - They are going to reimburse me my repair costs because it fell within the S/N number one the recall and I could prove it was an error 80
Good luck - I hope you are reimbursed as well

I am pleased to see Canon is finally acknowledging a defect on the board in the 70D and is covering the repair for users affected by a faulty PCB.  Took longer than it should have, but at least they are doing it.  Does this cover US customers as well?  



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I wrote to canon and they’d told me they monitor social media and do not see a lot of iissues

Write to them using the link on their support page
Hopefully if enough of us complain they will address it and pay to fix their substandard motherboards

If you out to Facebook their are pages from all different countries with the same product. Canon in Brazil is fixing them
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