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Canon 6D sensor twitching/ Shutter unresponsive


Hi Canoncominity, I'm hoping someone can help me with this weird issue.


I was able to get a Canon 6D recently, with the understaanding it had a "cannot communicate with battery" issue. When I installed a new battery, a list of problems occured.


-The shutter window kept twitching while it was off, and would stop when it turned on. When I attached a lens, sometimes would stop, other times it would accelerate the twitching. 


-It does not read any lens.


-The shutter release button is unresponsive. I cannot autofocus, no metering, not firing. I can access live view mode and it records fine, but have to control lens manually. 


Any suggestions are welcomed. 




@sprtcx2000 wrote:

I hate having to get rid of it, especially with only 11,000 shutter count. If it's only the motherboard, pcb board couldn't that be replaced?


Everything else works except shutter release button, reading lens, and the irregular shutter movement. It still can record video with no problem, connect it through wifi and it can take pictures despite the fact it does not display on the phone.


Excuse my stubborness, but even if it is a cheap investment(I did not pay much), I would still like to get it working if possible.

Nobody's telling you what to do, and you obviously don't need our permission for whatever you decide. Your camera is unreliable, or you wouldn't have come to us. And Canon has warned you that having it commercially repaired isn't worth the cost. That's that.


But if you want to take on restoration of the camera as a leisure time activity, there's absolutely nothing wrong with that. It's not "stubbornness", any more than fishing or gardening or golf is stubbornness. If you enjoy doing it and have the time, go for it.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania USA

Robert I could give you a hug. Thanks for that 🙂