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Canon 6D Live View and Bulb Mode


I’m wondering if anyone with a Canon 6D might be able to help me.


I was working on some long exposure photography and thought that I'd try out Live View as I've never used it before. I was using a 10 stop ND so I found Live View helpful in that I couldn't see through the view finder as it was too dark, but I could see my scene perfectly on the screen in Live View. As I wanted to be able to control the shutter myself, I put my camera into bulb mode and I was using a Canon Remote Switch (RS-80N3). It wasn't going to be a very long exposure as I was simply trying to blur the movement of a boat going by at a local canal. I could see in Live View that the boat was entering my frame so I held down the switch for a few seconds to try and get the motion blur. Right away I heard a click and the shutter released. I found this odd as I thought in bulb mode using a remote switch I was in control and could hold the shutter open for as long as I wanted to. I looked at the image and saw that there wasn't any blurring. I tried again and same thing, the switch released itself even though I was still pressing the button and again no blur. I then quickly turned off Live View and tried one last time. This time it worked - I was able to hold down the remote switch for as long as I wanted and I was able to achieve the motion blur I was after. When I look at the shutter speeds from the pictures taken when Live View was on, the shutter speeds are either 1/30 or 1/40. When I turned off Live View I was able to get a shutter speed of 4 seconds.

I'm not sure what happened here or where I went wrong. I thought perhaps you can't use Live View and bulb mode together however I checked with a few other photographers whom say that they can use Live View and bulb mode together.



I have a different remote which may explain why mine works just as intended. That is, I can open the shutter on my 6D in live view with a button push on the remote and close it the same way....leaving it open as long as I want.


I use the Vello Free Wave Plus. Apparently, the Canon remote either works differently or there is a problem with it. I have never used the Canon remote so I can't speak directly to that.


Does this help?



John Hoffman
Conway, NH

1D X Mark III, M200, Many lenses, Pixma PRO-100, Pixma TR8620a, Lr Classic
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