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Canon 5d ii black LCD problem


After I dropped my 5d ii into a small puddle the rear LCD is completely black. There is also an overnight battery drain. Everything else is working perfect.

I have replaced the LCD with a new eBay replacement without any effect.

I have also measured all the fuses in the power distribution board and bottom PCB, they are all intact.

Any ideas are much appreciated!


Water is a mortal enemy of cameras. If the water in the puddle was relatively pure, the camera might come back to life after it dries thoroughly. If the puddle was salt water, the camera is probably done for.


And dropping a camera usually causes some damage, even if water isn't involved.

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You have two choices.  One is time.  Like Robert said in time it may dry out enough to work again.  Turning it on while it is wet can cause even more damage.  It can take a long, long time to dry.  Try placing it on a warm heating pad for several days to even weeks.  Notice I said warm, not hot.

Second choice is replace.   I don't think Canon still repairs the 5D2 but they might.  The repair could be higher than the cost of a good used replacement camera. If Canon doesn't work on the 5D2 any longer Midwest Camera Repair will.


Water and cameras do not mix well.

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