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Canon 5Ds Card Write Protected


Having an issue with my Canon 5Ds displaying "card write protected" message, it started a few weeks ago when the corner of one of my SD cards chipped off in the slot, I managed to fish the broken piece out but now the card write protected message intermittently displays on the camera, about 50% this can be cleared by taking the battery out and putting it back in (without removing the SD card) which leads me to believe there's nothing physically wrong with the card slot, I've attempted a factory reset but to no avail, and yes the write switch on the SD card is in the correct position.


Thanks in advance




Sounds like there could still be more debris in the slot, or the slot is damaged.

I have never heard of a piece of an SD card breaking off.  Are you using full size SD cards, not the micro-SD cards with an adapter?

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I was thinking maybe debris still in the slot but thought otherwise due to the fact that taking the battery out and then putting it back in seems to solve the problem (albeit temporarily) without touching the SD card. Yea full size SanDisk SD cards, the camera is used for daily studio use so the SD cards are heavily used so them picking up damage is somewhat of a common occurrence although them chipping in the slot isn't something that's happened before.


By "chipped off in the slot", do you perhaps mean the lock slide on the SD card came off? And is it or a piece of it still stuck in the card slot? Or maybe the actual switch, which is in the left edge of the card slot, was damaged by an errant broken-off slide?

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