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Canon 5DII RAW+jpeg does not download


When I select RAW+jpeg quality only 2 jpegs download. I am using PhotoShop Elements 7 and there has never been a problem until Canon Irvine updated the firmware. I don't in anyway blame the firmware update but what do I do now to get 1 RAW file and 1 jpeg file?


I have also updated the Adobe RAW plugin software.


Bob  AZ



Check what version of ACR you are using. It may no longer be compatible with the latest firmware in the camera.


Element 7 dates from Fall 2008, is based upon Photoshop CS4, and Adobe only updates their older versions to a point. Then you have to upgrade to a newer version.


Elements 7 can use up to ACR 5.6. The current Elements 11 uses ACR 7.2. 


According to Adobe, 5DII requires ACR 5.2 or later. However, it's possible the firmware update to the 5DII (2.1.2, released Feb. 2012) made changes that now require something later than ACR 5.6, which would necessitate upgrading your version of Elements. 


This happened to me back when I went from 30D to 50D... First I found I needed to update Photoshop. Then I found that I needed to update my computer's operating system in order to use the newer version of Photoshop. In the end, I bought a whole new computer because the newer OS and Photoshop would have seriously bogged down on the old computer! That was one expensive camera upgrade!


You have alternatives.


For one thing, you don't have to download via Elements. You should be able to see the image files on the memory card in Windows Explorer (or the Mac equivalent, if you're not a Win PC user). In Explorer you'll see the file listed, but will not be able to see actual thumbnails of the CR2 files... Unless you install a codec that allows it. If using a 32 bit operating system, there's a free Canon codec. If using a 64 bit OS, you'll need to go with a third party codec  that might cost a few dollars (I'm using one that's called FastPictureViewer, which cost me $15 US per computer if memory serves... this has the advantage of allowing me to view not only Canon RAW file previews and thumbnails, but also many other camera manufacturers' proprietary RAW formats). This is just a convenience, really, being able to see the RAW file as a thumbnail and preview it in Windows, prior to converting it.


With or without the codec installed, you can simply use Explorer (or the Mac equiv.) to drag and drop, move or copy the image files to a folder on your computer, bypassing Elements entirely.  This is at least as fast, might be even faster.. But doesn't allow you to do some other things with the files during the download, such as renaming or adding copyright info. I do this all the time, since I am often downloading multiple memory cards and busy with my RAW conversion software getting started on editing the images already downloaded.


Once the CR2s are on your computer, you still have the same problem being unable to view and open the CR2 files in your older version of Elements.


You could convert them to DNGs. There's a free DNG converter available for download from Adobe. The DNGs should work fine in Elements 7 (and have an added, modest advantage that they don't need the small "sidecar" file to save conversion data, like other types of RAW files do).


Or, once the CR2s are on your computer, you could use a different program for the conversions. There are several freeware RAW converters available (GIMP, for example). I haven't used any of them recently, so can't really recommend one over the others.


Or just spend around $100 for a new copy of Elements 11 and be fully up to date with that software, able to continue downloading via Elements if you wish, and have some of the newer tools that have been added in more recent versions of the software. I saw a big improvement in noise reduction quality, for example, going from Photoshop CS4 to CS5 (Elements 7 is based upon CS4). I don't use Elements (I use Lightroom and Photoshop), but am sure there are other improvements you might find worthwhile, too.


Alan Myers

San Jose, Calif., USA
"Walk softly and carry a big lens."
GEAR: 5DII, 7D(x2), 50D(x3), some other cameras, various lenses & accessories





Thank you very much for the very helpful reply. At last I have found someone who imparted a lot of things I feel I need to know. Mostly the differences and nuniances of different Adobe Photoshops and associated programs.


I too upgraded Canon DSLRs and firmware updates. I will be reading your reply extensively this coming week. Today I did a Baptism at Church which I thought would be a few photographs which turned out to be 200+. And now for the editing and printing.


I started a few years ago with Elements 2.0 and have "graduated" to 7.0.  To upgrade to 11.0 will be at least a month to get back up to speed and quality. The same for a computer, monitor, OS and even more time for a camera. So there goes my summer photography break which was hopefully 3 months and now it is less than 1 month.


I will spend a few days digesting all you have gracefully written. When I get the Baptism behind me, I will get to the upgrading of the ACR plug-in and possibly upgrading to Elements 11.


I simply download from the camera, 5DII, to the my computer using Windows XP64. Click on my Canon 5DII in My Computer. Then copy to whatever directory and file I choose. Make a DVD or 2 to save all and on to editing and printing. I have a very nice Epson 4800 that does well. EDITING TAKES A LOT OF TIME AND IS EXHAUSTING.


I built a new computer for photography. Clone, XP64, 2 each 4 core Intel processors, 8GB memory and an Intel Workstation S5520SC motherboard. Has served very well since October 2009. (Not connected to the internet at all)


Thankyou again for your reply.

Bob  AZ



You may be a strong candidate for Lightroom instead of Elements. I am not an Elements user, so can't really compare.


Lightroom is especially good for high volume work. I used to use Photoshop Bridge, but found even the original version of LR far faster and easier. Last Sunday I took nearly 2000 shots and had all of them edited and nearly 900 of them converted to JPEG proofs and uploaded by Friday. If I had really pushed it, I could have done it in 3 long days.


With Lightroom I can get lightly edited proofs done at a rate of about 100 images an hour, spending little more than 30 seconds on each image, on average. That includes choosing the "keepers", checking focus, then fine tuning color, exposure, contrast, etc. and cropping the image as needed. There are a number of tools that help sorting, rating, keywording, and batch renaming. Finally the RAW files are exported and converted in batches, while I go get a meal or whatever. I only use Photoshop when making larger, finished images that I want to spend more time on, especially when I need to use layers and masks.


Lightroom costs a little more than Elements, I believe. But it's pro oriented, geared toward volume and batch work.


You'd have to check, though, if the current version of Lightroom (5) will work with XP64. I really don't know. I used it for a while but "upgraded" to Vista, and then again to Windows 7 (fairly quickly).  


I can tell you for certain that Lightroom 3 worked fine with 5DII. I used them together. I now use LR4, but wouldn't hesitate to use LR3 again, if you can find a copy of it on sale somewhere. Of course, it was exactly one week after I updated from LR3 to LR4 (two licenses: one on my desktop, the other on a laptop), that Adobe announced LR5! I'm not rushing out to get it, but will eventually.


Withing the last couple montsh, Adobe has taken Photoshop to the cloud as "CC", with monthly leased usage instead of flat purchases of boxed or downloaded, full or upgrade versions. That doesn't do much for me, so CS6 (ver. 13) might be the last I use. That would be a shame, I've been using Photoshop since version 4 in the mid-1990s. But I bet some other softwares step up to fill the void Adobe has created.


AFAIK, Lightroom and Elements aren't going to be moved to that cloud/montly leased model for a while. So they're still available.  


Alan Myers

San Jose, Calif., USA
"Walk softly and carry a big lens."
GEAR: 5DII, 7D(x2), 50D(x3), some other cameras, various lenses & accessories




WOW 2000 photographs. That would take me a month or more to do. Edit and print. I do about 1-200 a week when I am busy. But I fuss wiith each one. Usually about 6 an hour but sometimes just 1 or 2 an hour. Then print in batches of 13 or less. Each batch takes about an hour. Gives me some time for other things.


I have not had an opportunity to try your suggestions yet. But I have set aside this week to try everything. I probably do need to try Lightroom. Not sure I know anybody who uses it. Perhaps the Community College that I repair for. I do my photography things on a PC that is not connected to the internet so a trail would involve more than downloading.


When using batch editing how does LightRoom know what to crop, mask out or correct?  I had to eliminate shadows 2 weeks ago for about 25 images. I am not real proficient with this so it took a while. Used Magic Wand for the first time in a long time. And I have never gotten into layers. Need to do that to. And my "busy Time starts the end of the month. Lasts until May or June or July. At least I can pick and choose what I do. Perhaps I will put September on hold and get used to a new monitor.


My Dell 24" Monitor. UltraSharp, that I use does not do as well as my printer so I do  need to replace it. I was thinking of a 30" but not enough space for it and the 24" can image 2 each 8.5 X 11 so extra monitor size is not as important as quality. Perhaps a 27".


At this time I am not thinking about Cloud. My preception is that all would be gone someday when I need it most. Like a cloud in the sky where I live. We don't have many. And what we do have don't last or linger too long.


I am not sure how long Canon will allow forum talk when the subject has drifted. Should we switch to Email?


Take care

Bob  AZ


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