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Canon 5D IV live-view cannot see in the dark


Hi All,

I hope someone could help me with the issue that I won't be able to see the foreground in the live-view/ viewfinder at all in the dark night, I used to be able see the forground before, I have not done any astrophotography for a long time, recently I started again, now I cannot even see the foreground, that means I cannot frame nor frustrating.

I cranked up ISO up to H2, low the shutter speed 30".

My settings:
Expo. Simulation = enable

AF method = Flexizone small square

Metering mode = Evaluative

I have done research in the internet, nothing helped.

I have contacted Canon support, but did not help much either.

Any advice/ help would be really much appreciated

Best Regards





Have you checked your screen display brightness?

On my camera, it's in the wrench menu, Tab# 2

An alternative is to shine a flashlight or other kind of artificial light on your foreground long enough to get your shot framed and focused.

Steve Thomas

Thanks Steve,

yes I checked the display brightness.

the flashlight is the way I am doing now, but it is not convenient at all, besides to me it is not etiqutte when you are not alone. 



I've puzzled over your problem, and the only thing I can come up with is the AF-Assist Beam, but I think that only works when you are using the flash, and I don't know if you want to do that.

I don't do astrphotography myself, but from what I've read, those that do recommend a very wide aperture like f/2.8, a shutter speed between 15 and 30 seconds, an ISO between 400 and 1600, and manual focus on the brightest object you can see.

If you set your shutter speed for longer than 25 seconds, you start to get star trails due to the rotation of the earth.

I'm afraid you are going to gat your foreground in silhouette, unless you find a way to light it artificially.

As far as asking someone to help, you never know. Some people might be excited at the prospect of being part of the process. You produce a nice photo, and they can point to it and say, "I helped do that!"

Steve Thomas

Hi Steve,

much appreciated.

As I mentioned before I used to be able to see the foreground before so I could frame / or focus in the dark area with my normal setting: M mode, 10"-20", f2.8 or f1.4 depending on my lens, 3200 ISO, I would be able to see something in the foreground (very noise, but able to frame/ focus).
All I need is to be able to see the foreground in the live-view in the dark as I used to be.
FYI I had to send my camera to Canon Service to fix the broken shutter Assembly last year.

Thanks anyway Steve.