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Canon 4000D Movie Recording Stopped Automatically


When I stream my canon EOS  4000D comes up with a message when i record after 15 minutes or so, saying 'movie recording stopped automatically', since you need to be recording in movie mode for the camera to work as a webcam. I have spent hours looking for a solution, like changing my shooting size and bitrate, and my SD card is very large so i doubt that is the problem. To be specific its a sandisk extreme pro 12GB, 170MB/s SD XC. Ive also seen that you can download utility software for your camera model, but there isnt one for the 4000D camera. I really dont know how to keep streaming/recording without the message coming up every 10 minutes. 



The camera has two limitations built into it, as I understand it.  One is the limit of 29'59" which was imposed by the EU to differentiate true video cameras from DSLRs that do video.  The former attract a much higher duty rate, and Canon adopted that limit to avoid the tax.  Remember a DSLR is a stills camera that can do some video.

The other limitation is a 4 GB video max file size.  Both of these are described in your manual on P167.  There is no way to get around those, and you are most likely hitting the individual file limit.  If all you want to do is use a webam and not record, then I would suggest get a dedicated webcam - they are built for the job.  If you want to record  for longer periods then you need to look at other camera models.

cheers, TREVOR

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I am fully aware of the fact that third-party software is needed. The whole gist of this thread seemed to be about the need to record in the camera in order to live stream and the file size limit was being reached and shutting off the recording. This is not correct. You only need to be in live view to use the canon webcam utility to be used with a third party live streaming software (such as OBS). The point I am trying to make is that video recording with the camera is not needed, only live view mode. The Canon webcam utility will automatically put the camera in live view when connected to the computer using a usb cable. You may be correct his camera is not compatible, but the OP seems to have it working with a recording limitation due to file size of the recording. I am trying to help by suggesting that he not be in record mode on the camera while live streaming. I have used the Canon webcam utility to live stream, so I am giving correct information.

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