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Can't download video files from EOS R5 or card


Hello,  I can see and play video files on my Canon R5 ( 64gb SD memory). But the files are not seen at all when the card itself inserted into MacBook Pro with MacOC Sonoma. I tried Image Capture build-in Mac OS software - the video files are visible but show zero KB? I cannon find EOS utility for macOC Sonoma? What can I do? 

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I am not certain that I understand the problem, but I hope this helps anyway.

Maybe try Finder instead of Image Capture when the card is in the card reader on the computer to see whether or not the files exist on the card. In Finder Ctrl click on the image icon on the card and select open with Preview.

The Canon Digital Photo Professional (DPP) program which is free to download might be able to play video formats that the builtin software cannot. I make a folder on the Mac and copy the files from the card to the Mac and process them with DPP. If I am planning to put the card back into the camera without formatting it again in the camera, then I write protect the card before inserting it into the card reader slot on my iMac to prevent Finder from adding any files to the card that might confuse the software in the camera.

Also, Preview might be able to view more file types than Capture.


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