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Can a r10 be powered by a power bank?


Hello, I am going camping for 3 days at a race track. I have media credentials so I will be shooting probably over 15000 photos over the weekend. I won't have anywhere to plug in to charge at the campground. I didn't get a media chair. So I won't be able to charge there. I would like to get a portable power bank that I can use to charge the camera and run it at the same time. Is this possible?



Two approaches here, you cannot run the camera from a power bank alone. It needs the battery inside the camera. 

I have a large high capacity power bank and it is able to charge the battery in the camera when the camera is powered off. You will see the the camera card access light illuminates in green when charging. When the camera is powered on it stops charging the battery but the camera is still drawing power from the power bank.

With this knowledge I would advise taking a couple of spare batteries for the camera with you and plug the camera in to the power bank when you are not actively photographing the racing to top up the battery in the camera. 

Make sure that your power bank can deliver enough current and that you use a USB C to USB-C cable that can handle at least 100w charging current. I use a 40Gbps 240W cable myself. 

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