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Can I use back button focus to shoot video/movies with a Canon T6i?


I have a Canon T6i - 760D and want to start using it to record video/movies. I have my camera set up for back button focus which I use almost all the time when shooting stills. Can I use back button back button focus to record video/movies. If so what factors should I consider in making that decision, and what are the pros and cons of using back button focus for recording video/movies?


I would also appreciate any other advice on this issue. Thanks for your help





Which button are you referring too? 


Back of T61.JPG

Thanks John


I have the * AE lock/FE lock button set up for back button focus as described in the "Back-Button Autofocus Explained" article in this link

Your welcome Vic and I think you helped me discover something that will be very helpful which I was yet unaware of. That article was very useful too. I did take a look more closely at the Custom Functions, I have the T6i also, and did not find any way to re-assign a button or that asterisk button to start a recording. The Set button has some options but not for recording. Perhaps someone else is aware of one here. Thank you for that information though!

You can only use BBF for movies if you focus *before* the movie. If you use it during the movie it will stop the movie, swing the mirror, focus, swing the mirror back and start the movie again.

Thanks kvbarkley, I'll give that a try.

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