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Can I connect the Canon EOS 80D to larger storage?


Hello. I just purchased the Canon 80D and just dummied up a way to extend my battery power to prevent from having to swap out so many batteries throughout filming. I was wondering if there was a same method with dummying up a way to connect the Canon 80D to a larger external storage device so it's not entirely dependent on an SD card?


Thank you in advance for any and all your help Canon community.  



How larger storage do you want ? you can use 128GB SD card without any issue.

Hello. I have a 128 SD, but I was wanting to see if I could extend that to an external drive in the TB range? I was researching and saw that the Blackmagic had this capability; where you could connect a small 2TB hard drive to it. I was wondering if the Canon 80D had this same capability? Or, if there is some way of being able to dummy this to make it happen?

You can try it.Smiley Happy

I know I can try it. I'm asking "how" if a way exists.

Lexar makes a 1TB SD card.
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The best solution is to not record in the camera, at all. Use an external video recorder. Except, I do not think that the 80D puts out clean video
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Gotcha. Ok, thank you.