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Camera not turning on in high humidity ?


I have an EOS Rebel SL2 T6 200D that I purchased in December 2018. I recently took the camera to a trip to Costa Rica to a rainforest area with very high levels of humidity (80% and above). The first day the camera turned on normally but from the 2nd day until the 9th day of my stay the camera turned on intermittently or failed to turn on for hours. That is all of sudden it won't turn on and after a few hours it will. Unfortunately, I missed the chance of taking many pictures during tours since the camera won't turn on while taking the tour, just when I wanted to take pictures. Other tourists with other camera brands were not having such a problem.  I cannot reach any other conclusion that the camera was being affected by the humidity since ever since I left that rainforest area the camera is turning on normally every time I move the switch. 
This is the first time I experience such a problem. In any other trip with normal levels of humidity the camera never failed to turn on. I am thinking of replacing the camera since I find it unreliable. Any comments? Suggestions?





Hard to say what caused your issue.  Might have been the battery, humidity, etc.  If you tested with more than one battery, I'd suspect humidity regardless of the specified operating environment:


Working Temperature Range


Working Humidity Range

85% or less

This is always a judgment call.  If your camera has recovered from water/humidity exposure, consider yourself lucky.  

As far as making recommendations...

What lenses do you currently own?

What type of pictures do you normally take?

What is your budget?

One feature you'll want is weather sealing.  My body is weather sealed.  I also use an EasyCover

Its like a second skin.  Slips on and off, but I've never needed to take it off anyway.  Its just an extra layer of protection from bumps and weather.  Note, it does not make your camera waterproof.  Its comfy to hold and is precisely cut.  All of your buttons, ports and controls remain accessible.  

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