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Camera control or HDMI capture card, which is better?


Which would have a cleaner throughput to an Android tablet?

A camera connect and control software like Canon Camera Connect, or an HDMI video capture card and software?

(although I use an app called Camera Connect and Control where I can use a wired connection via the USB port).

I guess it comes down to USB vs. HDMI.

Does it matter?

Steve Thomas


Product Expert
Product Expert

Greetings stevet1,

Though we're unable to provide support for live throughput to an Android tablet with a cable due to it not being an intended design by Canon, we can provide you general information about data throughput through when using certain terminals on a Canon camera. For example, the HDMI terminal was designed to provide high bandwidth video. This allows for most Canon cameras to provide a real time live image when the camera is connected to an external device with an HDMI cable. For many Canon cameras, the USB port may not have the available bandwidth for high resolution live video. This is one reason why the video resolution is generally 1024x576 when using our EOS Webcam Utility through a USB cable and when the camera is connected to a computer.


Thank you for your response. It looks like HDMI is the way to go, especially for something like 4K.

Steve Thomas.