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Camera (70D) Out Of Focus after shutter replacement


I had my Canon 70D serviced by Canon to replace a faulty shutter. They did that and updated firmware, and now the camera is out of focus.

If I use live view and either autofocus or manual focus, the image is sharp. But if I manually focus using the viewfinder or use autofocus (without live view on) the image is blurry.

At first I thought the viewfinder needed adjustment but I can’t get that in focus to match the live view focus.

Any ideas on how I can fix this? Trip to Europe this week so hoping there is a quick solution! Thanks in advance!



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After taking the pictures in viewfinder mode. Are the pictures sharp are in focus or are they not. If there only blurry in the viewfinder the diopter needs to be adjusted. Also what lens are you using with the camera. Please provide the full name of the lens. Also please post pictures in the forum.


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"If I use live view and either autofocus or manual focus, the image is sharp. But if I manually focus using the viewfinder or use autofocus (without live view on) the image is blurry."

I am assuming when you manual focus or AF focus you are getting the green dot confirmation. Since the autofocus confirms focus but the image is not in focus it sounds like the repair process caused the AF sensor to become out of adjustment. You could try using a rocketblower at the bottom of the mirror box (with mirror up) on the chance that it is maybe just some dust that got on the sensor while the camera was being worked on.

As you know, LiveView shows you the actual image on the sensor. Viewfinder AF doesn't focus on the sensor - it simply determines when the lens is showing maximin contrast. It is a calibration process that relates that lens focus point to the sensor location. That is why viewfinder focusing can result in front focusing or back focusing.

If you can't drive to a Canon repair facility I think the only quick "solution" is LiveView focusing. You can ake it less annoying and almost like viewfinder focusing by getting a Hoodman LCD loupe.

Screenshot 2023-07-01 142513.jpgScreenshot 2023-07-01 142553.jpg


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Live View and your camera's viewfinder are two completely separate focusing systems.

In Live View the image sensor itself is used both for manual and auto focus. AF is done using "contrast detection". If focusing manually, the image you are seeing on the back of the camera is being generated by the image sensor. This is the most accurate method of focus, when ultra high precision is wanted.

When using the viewfinder, manual focus is done using a focus screen that sits right below the pentaprism and autofocus is done using an array of sensors below the mirror. The mirror is actually semi-transparent and there is a second, smaller mirror behind it that reflects the image to the AF sensor array. This autofocus is done using "phase detection", which is significantly faster than contrast detection.

It is possible the focus screen is not properly seated, causing incorrect manual focus. But I don't think that would effect autofocus accuracy. If both AF and manual focus using the viewfinder are off, I think it more likely the mirror mechanism is not properly aligned. Some minor error in that mechanism is normal and can be corrects using the Focus Calibration feature of the camera. But if the mirror mechanism is more seriously misaligned, it will need professional attention.

Your best bet would be to get the camera back to where you had it repaired. If that work was recently done, it is probably covered by a warranty of some sort.


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Does your 70D allow you to take focusing off the shutter button and re-assign focus to a different button other than the shutter button?

I have a T8i and it's in the Custom functions number 13. I can re-assign focus to the AF-ON button.

On my Canon T6, I think re-assigned it to the * or exposure lock button.(it's been a while).

You might try that and see if that helps.

Steve Thomas