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CF card will not format

I just bought a used d50 it came with no cf card so I bought a Lexar professional 32 GB udma and a San Disk Extreme 64 GB udma7 when I put the sandisk in and try to formate the camera says can not formate card change card. And when I put the Lexar card in, the camera wont even turn on. can you tell me if I got a bad camera or is it a problem with it not being able to read those bigger cards

@BrianB wrote:
Thats what I was hoping the problem was I will try lower capacity cards thank you will a filmware update help the problem

A firmware update will not upgrade the older hardware.

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First, very sorry to read of your fire tragedy.

But, there are options, depending on where you live.

1. Camera store nearby where they could help

2. Photography related friends or a local camera club

3. Anyone with a computer where you could format a card.

When you format the card be sure to choose FAT32. You can do that on a PC or a Mac. It’s possible that the large cards you have are EX-FAT. The firmware update is most likely updating your camera so it can read EX-FAT.

If you buy the small cheap card at Staples or Wal-Mart it would be FAT32.

Based on all the equipment you had, I’m sure you know that a digital camera is pretty much useless without a computer, so you will need to go there sooner rather than later.
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Yes I know I need to buy a computer I'm just alittle pissy about buying a camera that doesnt work. and I'm in california the walmart and staples in town dont have any cf cards and best buy only has 32 and 64 GB cards

I also feel for your loss.  Smiley Sad


From what you said you are more than just a simple hobbyist.

But I have one burning question, you bought an EOS 50D (not d50) for your first shot at Canon as a brand? A 10 year old used camera?

I can only suggest you use a Windows machine to try and format a CF card.  I know it works. I do not know that using a Mac also works. Since I personally have not done so.  Mac's are screwy but maybe it will work, too.

If the 50D does not see a pre-formatted CF card something else is wrong with it. I would urge you to seriously consider returning it and buying a more current camera.


If you bought an 80D or 90D, I am sure you would never miss those Nikon's ever again.

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I bought a used camera because Im retired now and do not plan on replacing all of the equipment that I lost. Just needed something so I dont feel naked

You may have bought a broken camera.  Try a pre-formatted CF card or return the camera. Is there a local camera shop you can go to?

EOS 1DX and 1D Mk IV and several lenses!

All of the camera stores in the area have all closed

"Try a pre-formatted CF card"


Do you have a friend that has a Windows computer?  Get them to format you a CF card.  This is your only, easiest route to find out if the camera is OK.

EOS 1DX and 1D Mk IV and several lenses!

Yes I do and thank you for the help

It turns out that the camera has a couple of bad pins so its going to where I bought it. Thanks everyone for helping me out