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Blurry Photos


I am very new to photography.  I just got my camera at the end of March.  I love to take photos my son at sporting events.  He is in Taekwondo and when taking photos at tournaments, we are not allowed to have a flash.  Many of the photos I took recently are blurry.  How do I change the shutter speed when in no flash mode?




What kind of computer do you have? What OS? What photo software do you use?


Do your other pictures come out sharp?


With your 55mm lens, is your son big enough in the frame, or are you enlarging the photo on the computer?

Hi Danaillie, don't worry about feeling like a novice.  Everyone was a novice at some point.


What software do you normally use to view and edit your images and are you using a PC or a Mac?


Canon does include their "Digital Photo Professional" software with your camera and you can also download it from their support site.  


You can find it on this page:


To resize your image using Digital Photo Professional, there's an option in the "File" menu to "Convert and save..."  It will open a window similar to this one:

Screen Shot 2017-05-09 at 1.29.12 PM.png

Set the "Save as type" choice to "Exif-JPEG" (that's a JPEG file that still retains the EXIF data which has all the shooting information).


The output resolution isn't actually important.  My example has it set to 300, but the value wont change what the image looks like.


DO check the "Resize" box and also make sure the box is checked for "Lock aspect ratio" (which means the image will still maintain it's correct proportions when you resize it.)


I suggest setting the widest dimension (in this example it's my "width" to a value of around 1000 pixels).  The heigh dimension will update itself proportionally since you had the box ticked theat said "Lock aspect ratio".


The "shooting info setting" should be set to "include all shooting info".  WARNING:  If you had owned a camera that had a built-in GPS, then I woudl suggest picking the choice that says to remove the GPS info IF the photos were taken at a private location -- such as at your house (otherwise people can use it to find out where you live).  However the T1i doesn't have a built-in GPS -- so that's not a problem.  It is usually something to be aware of because most smartphone cameras DO have a built-in GPS and you would want to strip that info from any images that you post online.  If the images are taken at a public location -- suppose you visited the local zoo... then there's no risk of people knowing that the shots were taken at the public location.  This is just something every photographer should be aware of when posting images on the internet that were taken with any camera that has a GPS.


And of course make sure you give your image a name (it'll default to whatever name the camera used such as IMG_1234.jpg and that's fine too.)


Now that you've saved a new copy of your image which is converted and resized to a smaller JPEG file, you should be able to upload it.


BTW you do not have to use Canon's photo software to do this.  Most photo editing programs have an option to resize images.  I'm just using Canon's software as an example because every Canon camera comes with this software -- so it's at least something you have access to use even if you haven't already installed it.


Tim Campbell
5D III, 5D IV, 60Da

TCampbell -- I have not been using an editing software.  I will download Digital Photo Professional when I get home on my PC.  I have only been using the software that allows me to get the pictures from my camera to my PC.  Thank you so much.  I feel like I have learned a lot so!  Once I get the Digital Photo Professional on my computer I will upload a few of my blurry pictures for you to view.  Thanks again.