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Battery kaput?


I bought my 70D in Sept 2014 with three batteries. I don't use the camera very often but now one of the batteries is faulty, I put it on the charger and within 30secs it is displaying green but when I insert it in to the camera it will not even start the camera, the battery symbol indicates empty. Can I do anything to revive it?


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Original Canon batteries ?


According to your description, the battery is dead. The only solution is to buy a new one.

If a battery sits unused for TOO long, it can deplete to the point where a charger thinks it is defective.   Most battery chargers try to detect voltage and if they get almost nothing at all, they assume the battery must have shorted out ... so they don't even try to charge the battery (because if it's _really_ shorted out, that would just cause it to overheat and could result in a fire... not good.  So you can see why they do this.)


But some battery chargers will *try* ... at least for a little while ... to see if they can bring up any voltage increase in batteries that are particularly low.  And these chargers can sometimes revive a battery that acts like it is kaput.


Canon's suggestion for batteries in this situation is to give several repeated attempts to charge it.  Because each "attempt" actually does put in a tiny bit of voltage.  So if you try... wait for it to fail... try again... wait for it to fail... try again... wait for it to fail... after about 3-4 times you may actually get enough voltage into the battery where the charger no longer believes the battery is kaput... and will continue to charge it.


Batteries like to be used.  If it's been 3 months and you haven't used your camera or batteries... just pop the batteries on a charger to give them a slight top off.  Ideally you would actually use the batteries and drain them down a bit.  But if you have spare do not rely on the same set of batteries in-camera all the time... and leave your spare unused for months or years.


I put a number on each of my batteries so that I know I'm cycling through them all ... which maximizes their life as long as they get to be used from time to time.


GENUINE Canon LP-E6 or LP-E6N batteries come with a yellow protective cover which is designed to tell you which batteries you have used since charging... and which are still fresh.


Here's the article which exlains how this works:




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"I bought my 70D in Sept 2014 with three batteries.I bought my 70D in Sept 2014 with three batteries."


Are they real deal Canon LP-E6N Lithium-Ion Batteries?  If they are not buy new Canon batteries.  When the Canon charger finds a battery is bad or faulty it blinks.  Showing a solid green makes me think you may not have real Canon batteries.


I assume the charger is charging the other two OK?  The Canon batteries are lithium and will retain some charge for a long, long time.  Now that I am retired I know I have batteries that sit for months without use and they are still at least somewhat charged.  I sold two just the other day because of lack of use but they still had a charge in them.

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The battery is a genuine Canon one. Thank you for your input.

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