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Battery Communication Error & My R10


Good (early) morning my Canon friends, I'll get right to the point. My camera goes everywhere with me. It's an extension of my body. So you can imagine how I felt when I recently dropped my EOS R10 camera on concrete. It only fell approx. 4ft. After giving it a thorough external inspection, I found nothing damaged. No scuffs marks. No scratches. No dings, or dents. Nothing. I let out a big exhale and crossed my fingers in hopes that powering it on would be problem free. I was wrong. When I flipped the on/off switch, I noticed that it took about 5 seconds before the power came on and when it did, a message came up on the screen. That message was soon followed by a 2nd message. Since then, the camera will no longer power on anymore. I tried numerous different batteries and not 1 was able to power my R10 back to life. Does anyone know what has happened and if so, do you have any idea what something like this would cost me to have repaired. I desperately need my camera up & running again. Especially since school started for me recently.  Your advise is greatly appreciated  .Thank you. pic 2pic 2pic 1pic 1



The drop could have jarred a connection on one of the boards inside the camera. 

I suggest you contact Canon and arrange for a service inspection.

John Hoffman
Conway, NH

1D X Mark III, M200, Many lenses, Pixma PRO-100, Pixma TR8620a, Lr Classic
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