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Application for EOS 90D to shoot 24p?


Hello all. I recently got an EOS 90D. It shoots video at 29p. But I am told there is an applicayion I can get so the camera will also be able to shoot at 24p.


Honestly, I am so ignorant here that I'm not even sure what exactly an "application" in this conext is. Can anyone eplease fill me in? Thanks so much.



The EOS 90D can only shoot at two base frame rates: 29.97 and 59.94 (NTSC) or 25 and 50 (PAL).   Appears to also have a High frame rate available of 119.88 and 100 respectively.


In terms of "application", I believe that may be some third-party firmware at which point I'd strongly recommend to stay away from.  You don't want to be modifying your camera with non-Canon firmware.


Is there are reason you need to capture footage at 23.976, or true 24p? If you really need that, I'd recommend exploring dedicated video equipment.


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According to the "Supplementary Information" User Guide, the 90D can shoot 23.98 fps.

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Yes, Canon has released a firmware update for the 90D which allows Video shooting at 24 FPS. Many people prefer 24 FPS for it's "Cinematic" look. 

Firmware changes:
Firmware Version 1.1.1 incorporates the following enhancements and fixes:

1. The option to capture both 4K and Full HD movies in the frame rate of 23.98p has been newly added.
2. Fixes an issue where error code "Err 01" may be displayed when using EF85mm F1.8 USM or EF100mm F2 USM lenses.


Click on this link for more info on how to download the firmawre and install it on your 90D:


EDIT: The Canon USA website seems to be having some problems. (unable to detect or select operating system, unable to download firmware)

Try the Canon Canada website instead:

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