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Aperture priority mode in video mode (EOS 200D / SL2)


Hello guys. Im a hobby vlogger and I recently noticed that my sl2 always shoots in a more closed aperture than it could do (i have my mode dial set to program auto /av). When I shoot in normal daylight its almost always around F11. The thing is that I wanna try to get the most out of my 18-55 F4-5.6 IS STM lens and that means a kind of AV-Mode for video would be very handy. Do you guys have any idea if this is possible and if yes, how can I do it?



I'm not sure I understand the question.  I don't have that camera, but from what I can see in the manual, there is an "Av" setting on the mode dial, and it's supposed to work in video mode.  See manual page 234.  Doesn't this work?

Just bear in mind that fixing the aperture mean that the ISO or shutter speed has to change.  Going to a low enough ISO may not be possible, or may impact dynamic range; going to a fast shutter speed will make your videos jerky.  The basic problem is that you have too much light, and for movie shooting, the best answer is to use an ND filter.  A lot of people use variable NDs, but even a set or 2 (or 3) simple fixed NDs will help a lot.



I have  T8i. I don't know if your camera works the same way as mine, but my manual says that when shooting in any of the creative  modes (Av, TV, or P), the camera defaults to P mode, where the camera chooses the aperture and shutter speed to give you what it thinks is the best exposure. 

I think that works well enough for static scenes, but for scenes where you have  movement, that might result in jerky looking movement and you might want to set your camera on Manual and choose a shutter speed at 2 times your frame rate. If that results in letting in too much light, you can do what others have suggested and use an ND filter.

Steve Thomas

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