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A couple ideas - Temperature compensation, Level info in metadata, In-camera apps


1) In astrophotography, temperature change is not your friend.  In particular, when you focus at 10 p.m., by 4 a.m. the temperature has changed and this throws off the focus.  Also, focusing precisely on stars is not easy for humans.  But for a mirrorless camera, it seems like a special focus mode could be done which looks at the stars and steps the focus until the star is its smallest.  That would be the best focus.  Of course, this is specialized so it would need to be an option somewhere that the user could select.  Then instead of doing everything with manual focus, auto focus could be used and it would work correctly.  While this would hit a small market I would think the market would be significant and it seems this development cost would be less than the Ra that Canon produced.

2) The R5 now has the ability to tell the user when the camera is perfectly level in both the left / right direction as well as the up / down direction.  And it is clear from the user interface that this information is linear; it is not just off and on.  It seems like it would not be hard to calibrate this to a reasonable margin of error and then save this information in the metadata.  To rephrase, the metadata would then contain the tilt of the camera on two axis.  Later, Adobe and other software producers could leverage this information to make automatic leveling of the image as well as perspective correction more advanced.

3) Not a new idea but Sony cameras had the ability to add apps to their camera.  I don't use Sony but I've been told that they no longer support this.  I think that would be a nice feature.  Then things like item 1 above could be done via an app as well as countless other obscure but useful features.

Thank you for your time

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