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7d or 5d that is my question?


Can't afford the 5d mk3

Can afford a used 5d mk2 but not sure i am very happy with 9 AF points plus the slower frames per second then the 7d

Why are so many people selling there 7d and buying the 5d mk2 ?



I think your comparison is a little off when comparing to real world uses.

What you need to do is take a photo with the 5D and 100mm lens and than the same with the 7D and 100mm lens.

Now you need to leave the 7D photo alone and enlarge the 5D photo so the "subject" is the same size as the 7D's.

The 7D wins every time.

This apparent advantage in crop factor is why "Birder's" use and love the 7D and 1D Mk III and IV's.

EOS 1DX and 1D Mk IV and less lenses then before!

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First off wow and and fantastic analysis and really appreciate your efforts! So this question was posted on the forum quite some time ago and for the life of me I can't figure out how to delete it or why it is still being reposted? I actually did end up
going with the 7d and have since purchased the 70-200 ISL and a 17-40L lens for it. I absolutly love the camera and 70-200 for sports although I wish it had a little better low light capability for indoor basketball ? No biggie as I think my daughters basketball career is waning! as far as the 17-40L ya know I just find that lens akward looking at best! Might have to go with a 35mm prime??? Thanks again for you explanantion and I will again go on the forum and see if I can figure out how to delete that question.

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7D is a great Camera for sure...BUT...the 5D Mark II is better in regards to Sensor and quality by far. I can tell that the metering of the 7D is better in regards to the overall scene. I used the 7D for more sporty events, wildlife, quickmoving subjects, and the 5D MK II for landscapes, candids, ports, etc... When you buy the 5D2 you will also be acquiring better lenses that work with full frame... I'm rolling with the 5D Mark III now and the 7D, the 7D still gets its use but it has full frame lenses on it. I prefer to go long range using the 7D as opposed to an extender on my soon to be bought 100-400 and 70-200 f2.8..I would chose the quality that the 5D2 puts out over the 7D for many uses.. Hope that helps..

I have the 7D and Mklll. 7D gets plenty of use doing sports and other fast moving subjects. The extra reach of the 70-200mm on the 7D is very nice. The Mklll just can't quite get in there. Video on the Mkll (and Mklll) is better than the 7D. The larger sensor (and photo sites) give less noise and more apparent DR than the 7D.
Bruce Johnson

thanks, So I photograph 70% sports 30% miscellaneous, i keep reading 7d mk2 rumors for January. I a torn because i see a ton of used 5d2 on craigsdlist. the other thing that baffles me currently is the number of 24-105mm f4L lenses I see on CL??? THERE HAS TO BE A REASON WHY SO MANY FOLKS BOUGHT THIS LENS AND TURN RIGHT AROUND AND FLIP THEM?

For sport, the 7D blows the socks off of the 5DMkll (for sports, I even like the 7D over the 5DMklll)  The 24-105mm F4L "Kit" lens is a very, very good lens.  In fact it was the best mid-range zoom until the new 24-70mm USM ll lens was released not too long ago.  It is does not hold a consistent stop through the entire zoom range (only important if you are metering manually)  But that's really my only complaint.


All those 24-105's that you see for sale is because the owners don't know what they have.  That lens is one of Canon's best kept secrets.

Bruce Johnson

Interesting., now if and I am leaning towards the 7d,  I buy this camera how much of a difference would I notice going from my standard zoom lenses (70-300mm IS, 18-55mm IS ) to the "L" lenses of similar values?  They are soooo much money for a hobbyist!

The huge sensor on the 5Ds and the subsequent larger 6.4um cells on it gather light way better than any crop sensor. I don't own a flash, don't need it because I can shoot at ISO3200 and f1.2, and the low light image quality is enormously good. It's also superb for long expsoures doing landscape work, etc. HOWEVER, none of that seems to fit your shooting plans. 70% sports means you'll be mostly in good light and need as much reach as possible, good AF and fast FPS. The AF on the 7D is fantastic (and is finally on the 5D3 praise the Lord), so to me it seems start with the 7D and get great AF and longer reach and faster FPS.


24-105mm: this is the kit lens for the 5D 2 and 3, but it costs over $1000 on it's own. People pay $800-850 for them, and often you can get the 5D2 kit for only $500 or $600 more. SO, you buy the kit, sell the 24-105, and your 5D2/3 costs $200 less from the profit you made. There you go!

Definitely consider the 50mm 1.8, about $100 right now. It'll give you a great 80mm fast lens for people shots and walkaround images especially when the sun starts going down. It's cheap plastic, I can;t use it when shooting weddings, it'd fall apart, but the glass is GREAT and if you are careful with it, you'll fall in love with that lens. Candid people shots outdoors at f1.8 look amazing. Enjoy!

I'm not sure anyone has explained "lens cropping" to you. I hope you understand that the sensor size is the most important factor to consider when buying a DSLR. It can be explained simply as the magnification of the lens that occurs as a result of a reduced sensor size relative to 35mm film. The 5D, 5Dmkii and 5Dmkiii have a sensor exactly the same size as 35mm film. Thus the term 'full-size sensor".  The 7D and other DSLR's have a smaller sensor that causes it to only utilize a smaller area in your lens, thus the "cropping".  This works out to ba a mathematical formula that gives the effect of multiplying tha focal length of your lenses. 1.7x, 1.6x or 1.3x and so on.  Therefore a 50mm EF lens on a 5D will appear wider than the same lens on a 7D.  Thus the 7D gives you longer lenses relative to the 5D. 


If you want wider lenses, you want a 5Dxxxx.  If you want longer lenses you want a 7D.

Also EFs lenses are considered "cropping lenses" and have smaller areas making them cheaper than standard EF lenses. EFs lenses can only be used with a smaller sensor camera (not fullframe like the 5Dxxxx) EF lenses can be used with any of Canon's DSLR cameras but are more expensive because of the larger glass area requred by the fullframe cameras.


I hope this helps.

@cdn-bigfoot wrote:

Therefore a 50mm EF lens on a 5D will appear wider than the same lens on a 7D.  Thus the 7D gives you longer lenses relative to the 5D. 




Key word being "appear". Crop factor is a bit tricky subject. Yes, it appears to give 1.6x more zoom, but it is when you take a full frame photo and crop frame photo and blow them up the same size, the crop frame is enlarged more. You could, in theory, reach the same result with Full Frame and cropping it afterwards with DPP.


Has anyone made a test taking two photos, one with 7D and one with 5D Mark III and cropped the 5D3 photo to 1.6x crop factor? Is the quality the same or is one better? What about the size?