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7DmkII - Flash Exposure Compensation No Worky


Hello folks. 


My Flash EC seems to have always been a little wonky both with the pop-up and my Speedlight.


I had firmware 1.11 and just realized a week ago that v 1.13 had been out since Nov. 2019, so I installed it.


Now Flash EC does not work at all. I have reset the camera about 4 times, tried various different settings but no lucky.


For pop-up flash, typical settings would be:


Manual Mode, RAW, ISO Auto (400) and have tried also 100 and 200, f/2.8., One Shot AF.


I sit on my couch and aim at the wall clock with pop-up FEC at -3 and take a shot, and another shot with FEC at +3 and both images are the exact same exposure. Since firmware 1.13 I have not been able to acheive any different exposures using FEC either for pop-up or my 320EX Speedlight.


I wanted to try again before posting. No change using ETTL pop-up flash with -3 and +3. However using the Speedlight ETTL with -3 and +3 - I noticed a very slight output difference, perhaps a 1/3rd of a stop. 

Numerous google searches using different wording have been fruitless as I have not encountered anyone with this issue.


Ideas please? Might I have a setting interfering with Flash Exposure Compensation?


Much thanks for considering this. FEC is quite a convenience and I have a three Autumn shoots in a few weeks. Would be nice tohave FEC handy.






It isn't the software version, I am using V1.13 and it works perfectly, note this info from page 257 of the full user manual:



Thanks for the reply, I noted Auto Lighting Optimizer earlier as well and made sure it was disabled and it was.

Try turning AUTO ISO off. Set an ISO and see if that fixes it.

"A skill is developed through constant practice with a passion to improve, not bought."

Thanks for the reply. I have used iso 100 and 200 with same effect. No exposure change between -3 and +3 fec.

OK. Sounds like there's an actual issue going on then.

"A skill is developed through constant practice with a passion to improve, not bought."