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6D weird pale triangle in blue skies


Does anyone know what is going on here? It only seems to show up in Blue Skies.







Have you tried taking the lens off and looking at the sensor in manual cleaning mode?


Have you tried another lens?

shot in RAW. the sensor looks fine. Just loaded them onto another computer and they look fine so I'm thinking this is more of a Lightroom thing.

Wow. It doesn't happen on other computers. 


The only Lightroom effect I can imagine making an effect like this would be two gradient filters applied at diagonal angles from the bottom corners up.  What effect would be on the brush I don't know. 


I dont suppose you had recently used a pair of gradient filters on some recent processing job, like dodging or burning some hills or the ground, while leaving the sky alone???, etc, and then you somehow Either applied that to the whole batch, or even made that into an automatic import adjustment. 


Grasping at straws here. 


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Why do so many people say "FER-tographer"? Do they take "fertographs"?

Definitely not gradient filters. This is happening on import. It seems to be something with the catalogue. Made a new one and issue completely cleared up.

" I'm thinking this is more of a Lightroom thing."


I wouldn't know of any LR setting that could cause that.  I don't know why or how but I would suspect some sort of card corruption.

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That's definitely a head-scratcher.  


Normally if there's a problem with a sensor you will see failures in columns or rows.  But this triangular.


The other stumper is that it has a well-defined edge.  When a shutter blade fails, the "edge" is blurred.  When dust is on the sensor, the silhouette of it is blurred (because it's not really on the sensor... it's on a filter a few millimeters in front of the sensor surface). 


It's also interesting that this only happens on one computer.   Are you using different software on the two machines or does the software have some optional plug-in present on one machine that isn't on the other?  For example... if I have software that "watermarks" an image on my desktop, but that same watermark isn't used on my laptop, then I'd understand why the results are different.  I'm wondering if it's something like that.


I don't think there's anything wrong or broken on your camera... and I hope you're able to work out the problem.  I wish I could offer more help.


Tim Campbell
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@gbman55 wrote:

Does anyone know what is going on here? It only seems to show up in Blue Skies

Are you using a Polorizing Filter?

To all: See Message 5.

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