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[6D] exposure différence between LiveView (well exposed) and Viewfinder (underexposed -+3Ev)


Hello everyone,

I have a problem with my 6d. When i am in extremely low light, I have +-3EV between liveview and Viewfinder.

I took pictures with LiveView and viewfinder, and the pictures with viewfinder are underexposed about +-3Ev (with or without the eyepiece), but only in low light conditions. In normal light conditions, the two metering modes are exactly the same. I rebooted with factory settings but the problem still to solve.


For example in AV or P mode, the 6D can show the following settings with the same parameters :

- 0.3 second with Viewfinder => Underexposed +- 3EV

- 1 second with liveview => Well Exposed

Other exemple, with lenscap, 100 isos, f4 :
- Viewfinder 15 seconds
- Liveview 30 seconds + (flashes)

Is there anyone have the same problem or have an idea ?


I Made a litlle Video to explain my Problem :

We didn't see finals pictures in the vidéo but, the picture with viewfinder is underexposed about 2-3 Ev.


Thanks for your reply


Ok, i will call my technical support, or not. If all users experiencing this "problem" i don't think a roll back at canon customer service can fix it.

Once again thank you all for your help.


I'm not really concern about it. First of all, it has to be extremely low light to the point of almost pitch black. Second, even Liveview exposure is brighter but it is still not the "right" expsoure. Third, like Skirball said with low light shooting it's always best to use Manual mode anyway because auto is just not reliable at all.


To Canon: same here, we have the US Model and experience same problem.

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