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6D Mark II - Can't figure out Micro Adjustments!!

Hello everybody! I am here because I can't seem to figure out micro adjustments for the life of me! I believe my new 6D Mark II is front focusing with my Sigma 50mm Art lens but it's really hit or miss so it's hard to tell.

I've tried to do numerous techniques. I've tried using 5 batteries at a 45 degree angle evenly spaced apart, I've tried a printable chart, I've been low to some grass and even on the carpet. I've stood super upclose as well as 8 feet back. You name it.

All in all the resultts are so inconsistsnt I can't really tell what to adjust. I can adjust so the focus is farther back and still get front focus, it's weird.

Any ideas?

@Undercovernerd wrote:

Okay this makes me feel much better! I spent about 4 hours across 3 days trying to figure things out. I would get very inconsistant results. Without changing any settings, I'd get what appears as perfect focus then in the next few shots I'd get, say, front focus. Then it would back focus. So on and so forth to the point where I didn't have enough concrete evidence to make an accurate adjustment.


My best results came when I printed a focus chart on a standard piece of copy paper. I was getting consistent results with +6 adjustment in the camera (as I don't have the dock). However, once I thought I had things dialed in and tried shooting at a different distance than the testing, it was like I was having issues all over again!


Is this normal for a prime? Should I expect to have out of focus shots every time I shoot on a tripod? I understand a few here and there but ever other shot isn't what I want it to be. Perhaps I'm being too picky lol idk

If you're on a tripod, use live view. Takes AFMA out of the equation.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania USA
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