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6D GPS Drains battery when idle


Got my new EOS 6D for christmas (present to self... how else did Santa know what I need want).


Great camera.  Love the low light.  Love the WiFi.  ALMOST love the GPS.  The GPS tends to drain the battery about 25% per day.  On a 8-10 hour heavy shooting day, that's not a problem.  I can still shoot 500-600 shots and the GPS only drains 8-10% during that time.


However, when the camera is in the bag... you can shut off the camera and shut off the GPS logging, and it still drains 25% per day.  Leave the camera in the back for 4-5 days... and the battery is shot.


Only option is to take the battery out or use the menus and disable GPS and re-enable when you use camera again.


I think Canon needs a separate GPS timeout of about 3-6 hours.  If GPS logging is disabled, GPS should shutdown after a few hours of non-use.


It's a drag to take your camera out after leaving in the bag for a couple of days and battery is already 50% down or more.





I read the manual after downloading it & you have me a bit confused . Are you turning the GPS to the OFF position and leaving it attached to your camera while in the bag? If it's OFF & still draining the battery (not sure whether you mean the camera battery but I think you do) something seems to NOT be off. The camera & the GPS unit shouldn't be talking to each other while switched off.

HOWEVER I really don't recommend leaving the GPS unit on when in the bag. That's ultimately going to turn into a problem at some point when it snags or gets bumped hard enough to damage the hot shoe. Removing it will cure the problem & it's the wise thing to do.

"A skill is developed through constant practice with a passion to improve, not bought."

Hi Cicoco,

The EOS 6D has the GPS built-in, internal. First DSLR from Canon as such. The problem is that the GPS capability, if enabled, stays active even if the camera has been shut down. There is a GPS logging function that allows the camera to log wherever you go, with the camera on your bag, but, even if logging is disabled, the GPS continues and drains the battery about 25% per day.

Only option is to let your camera battery die every 4 days, take the battery out every time you put the camera in the bag, or use the menu structure to disable GPS and to re-enable when you take it out again. None are fluid options on my book.


Got you, & I knew it was built in but forgot & read about the add on (I have an interest in it ). The new info you've posted leaves me to think that either you have a problem or that's a really stupid design, but so far I haven't seen any other complaints like yours so I'd be contacting Canon. Having to pull the battery between uses isn't logical but it sounds like your only work around.

"A skill is developed through constant practice with a passion to improve, not bought."

Don't have the link handy but over on Canon Rumours there was a link about this very issue. If I recall , the GPS needs to be disabled to avoid it consuming power. The actual power switch does not cut off power to the GPS. Please confirm but I believe this is correct.

I downloaded the 6D manual to read but it says the GPS is in another manual & I can't find it listed. There's one for the Wifi but it won't download.

"A skill is developed through constant practice with a passion to improve, not bought."


Correct. Turning off the power switch does not turn off GPS. You have to go into the menus and disable GPS. Which is a pain if you have to do that every time you put your camera down.

Sometimes I put my camera away for an hour. Sometimes for a week. Quite a pain to manage GPS manually like that.


Sorry, you did mention that in your first post, I guess I over looked your second paragraph.

I have to admit that I'd be very dissatisfied with that concept. If in fact it's the ONLY way to override the drain let's hope they do a firmware update to correct it. Until then I'd pull the battery EVERY time I put it away. Have you tried that to verify whether or not all your menu settings stay active when the battery is reinstalled? They should based on the fact killing the battery hasn't triggered a complaint from you about having to re set everything.

"A skill is developed through constant practice with a passion to improve, not bought."

So far, I've turned off the GPS.  Now battery drain is negligible.  Still at 97% charge 10 days after recharging and used the camera several times.


Of course, I've only remembered to turn the GPS back on once, so most of the shots are without the location. 


I do hope they put a timeout on the GPS or just have it go off when you turn off the camera. 



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