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60D won't take pictures


My canon 60D camera wont take any pictures. It will still take videos so I dont know what is wrong. 



Need more info.   Can you take pictures manually?  Which shooting mode are you trying to use?  Indoors or outdoors?  Brightly lit scene, or is it dark?  Hand held, or on a tripod?  Etc. 


Describe the conditions as best you can that cause your issue so that someone else can try to reproduce your issue.

"The right mouse button is your friend."


By default, the camera uses "One Shot" focus mode - which also uses a feature called "focus priority".  In that mode it will not take a photo unless it is able to lock focus.


On the side of your lens, there is an "AF/MF" switch (auto-focus / manual-focus).  Switch it to MF and test the camera.  Is it able to shoot (nevermind that the shot may be out of focus)?


If it will take the shot when auto-focus is disabled then it indicates the camera or lens is having a focus problem.   Most of the time this is due to a problem with the lens and you could confirm this if you had a different lens to test.



Tim Campbell
5D III, 5D IV, 60Da