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60D has suddenly gained a lot of issues


So I have an interesting problem. My 60D, which I have had for 1.5 years, has given up on life.
Whenever I want to view the LCD screen, I have to press "Q", then press the shutter release, then hurry up and view everything in the 2 seconds before the screen goes blank again.

But that's not all!

In order to take a photo, I have to have the screen on, and whenever I half-press the shutter release while the screen is on (like I would if I was going to use auto-focus), it takes a photo instead of focusing.

So, I have a malfunctioning screen, no ability to use auto focus, no video capability, and limited photo-taking abilities.

Has anyone heard of these sort of problems? Canon told me they would give me 20% off a refurbished 60D, which would come to about 950.00$. I only paid 1000$ for this one, so that's a crap deal and I'm not taking it. I'm incredibly disappointed that my camera is basically useless this far out of the warranty.



The "Info" button your camera controls what the rear LCD panel normally displays.  Press the [Info] button repeatedly and watch the display change.  If you press it enough (I think it's four different screens) it repeats.  It's likely you pressed the Info button to turn the display off.  Just set it to whatever you want it to display.  BTW... pressing the [Info] button while reviewing a previously taken picture changes what it displays in that screen as well... this is how you can get the camera to show the histogram of an image - which is extremely useful in determining if you captured a good exposure without clipping the darks or blowing out highlights.)


I can't think of a setting that allows the camera to fire when you half-press the shutter button.  


You may just want to reset the camera.  To do this, press [Menu], use the dial to navigate to the orange camera icon (just left of the green star icon in the tabs along the top), then use the rear dial to navigate down to "Clear all Custom Func. (C-Fn)" and press the [Set] button.  


THEN... using the main (top) dial again, navigate one click left to yellow wrench #3 page (one tab left of the orange camera icon tab) and use the rear dial to navigate down to "Clear all camera settings" and press [Set] again.


Finally... power off the camera (this part is not strictly required but you may as well be complete about resetting everything), then (and this bit is important) REMOVE the battery from the camera for just a few seconds, then re-insert it and power the camera back on to test it.    When you turn off the power button the camera isn't really deprived of power... it really goes into a kind of extended sleep mode -- and you power back on it technically does not power up by loading it's firmware.  When you remove the battery and re-insert it, it forces the camera to actually reload it's firmware.


After all of this, if the camera does not return to it's normal working behavior then there's something wrong that would require service (because that would have reverted the camera to factory default settings for everything.)


Tim Campbell
5D III, 5D IV, 60Da

Yes, I know it is definitely an electrical issue with the camera's inner workings. Resets are not helpful, nor are the problems the result of any change in settings as they have not been changed,

I have heard of this once before and it was a defect that required service.  Cost of repair (and a part that needed to be replaced) was reportedly $150.  


See:  (and if you scroll to the bottom of the thread he links the part that had to be replaced.)


You should contact Canon service -- a service tech would have to replace the part (it's not something you would want to try to do yourself.)


Tim Campbell
5D III, 5D IV, 60Da


What was the outcome, I as well suddenly just started have all kinds of issues and my camera is useless. This isn't a cheap point and shoot, this is a 1,000.00 camera, one that I babied and one that should not have these issues regardless of 2 yrs old. I want this resolved. 

 Mine has a multi function button that start not to work then the set/select button acted up the same day, the next day the battery was completely dead, Then the set button stopped working all together, the multi fuctions stopped working as well. A few other things as well. 




I bought my 60D in late 2010, have taken less than 3,000 shots and have treated it with kid gloves.  All of the sudden all images display a blue line about 1/3 down from the top of the image and to the right.  Canon repair says the CMOS sensor needs to be replaced.  Total cost of repair $520.00


Has anyone else had this problem, or other problems with the CMOS sensor?  It seems to me that the last  thing to go on a camera should be the sensor, particularly since it has such little use.  I'm really dissapointed with Canon camera quality.  Another EOS t2i purchased by a friend at the same time has also failed.  


What's going on?  Not worth paying the repair cost since the body can be purchased for between $467 and $699+ online.

ajcanal, I, for one, would like to see an example of the fault. Please, for discussion purposes. 


My 60D suddenly refused to take any photos in Live Screen mode. I followed TCampbell's suggestions which worked. However, the autofocus takes forever to lock in now when in Live Screen mode.

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