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5D3 Firmware 1.2.1 - TESTS & COMMENTS


Hi everybody,


Now that Canon has officially released firmware 1.2.1 for EOS 5D Mark III, it would be GREAT to share experiences about the new performance.


Especially regarding the clean HDMI 4:2:2 8bit output, since it's the most important and innovative feature.


PLEASE share your tests and reviews with external recording vs. in-camera recording and also post full details, so we can all evaluate the results.


Thanks a lot in adavance.

HD Cam Team
Group of photographers and filmmakers using Canon cameras for serious purposes. | |


After some tests, on the external Uncompressed HDMI 4:2:2 8 bit recording vs. in-camera recording we found:


Tested at 24p - Results of external recording:


- Some noticeable green cast

- Slight gamma shift

- No audio recording

- No increase in resolution


Does somebody else found similar results?




- It's a real pity that we can't record audio from the HDMI output, since it means we must sync everything in post! (and Atomos Ninja 2 does not display any audio level of course)


- We all expected an increase in resolution. How can it be possible that the uncompressed HDMI output delivers same/equivalent resolution to the compressed in-camera recording?


- Still not sure about 50/60p recording capabilities. The menu tells 24p or 50/60i. Not big deal for many, but very important for LOT of people shooting regional PAL/NTSC video.


Please post your feedback, findings and recommendations.



HD Cam Team
Group of photographers and filmmakers using Canon cameras for serious purposes. | |



I am using my 5D Mark III with the Black Magic HyperDeck Shuttle 2 and I can't figure out how to get the camera to automatically trigger the deck to record.


Is anyone else having this problem.  


@mikequill wrote:



I am using my 5D Mark III with the Black Magic HyperDeck Shuttle 2 and I can't figure out how to get the camera to automatically trigger the deck to record.


Is anyone else having this problem.  


yes, i think the Hyperdeck supports this feature only on sdi inputs, mine is not reacting either.


and no audio in HDMI is very disapointing.... time to move on....



I usually keep quiet about these things, never posting, but always reading in order to ensure that I am taking in a wide range of perspectives. Nor am I loyal to any single brand, but as just about every single post out there has stated since the 30th (and even before with the leaked version): this update is so baffling, pathetic, and insulting for everyone outside of nature photography that I don't know how Canon hasn't issued an official response/apology and actually look us in the face. How could this update  have even taken six months to develop??? If Canon intends to remain relevant for what has been a very loyal customer base for video outside of its C series, and for those of us who use these cameras for stills and video, it will simply have to do better. There are cheaper cameras out there today with more options, better resolution and they are coming out faster than Canon can develop a simple crappy firmware update. You can put lipstick on a pig ( it a  4:2:2 clean uncompressed HDMI out) but its still a pig (i.e. 4:2:0 8bit unimpressive image and NO AUDIO). In short, thanks for nothing.  What makes this truly insulting, though, is that we know this camera is capable of so much more. It's like a perfect methaphor for so much that is wrong in this country socio-politically: Promise great things, delivery little to none of them,  but just enough to be able to say that you did something and pat yourself on the back. I gotta say, it's kinda shameful.


So,  it may not be time yet to rejoice in sometthing like the Black Magic cameras themselves, but its the direction of the company that I find truly promising -- offerring something the consumer actually wants at a price point that is more than fair. 

Hello Canon,

I have been using Canon gear for a long time. As a video operator originally with the Canon XL2 and many many other cameras including film cameras F-1new and digital 400D, 20D, 5D and now the 5DIII. I had high hopes with this camera...

With the fast pace and changes in cameras and others now dominating the market I have lost that zeal with being a part of Canon... I feel ripped off... I'm beyond dissapointed with the simple and deliberate of missing features I.e Audio out with HDMI to be part of the firmware update. What's next.. Unfortunately you have forced many of us customers to abandon ship because its a sinking ship for many of us that can't compete with others offering better quality and value for money in comparison to other camera brands... Thanks for the SUPPORT really.


I tested 5D3 firmware ver. 1.2.1 with my Sound Devices Pix 240 external recorder.  Yes, there is clean video via HDMI while maintaining the use of the camera LCD.  Thanks a very nice improvement for monitoring. As far a getting a high quality, more gradeable 4:2:2 video through HDMI, I have not yet made a critical comparison.  I can confirm there is a 6 frames (.25 second delay at 24p) to the PIx 240... resulting in the need to delay audio by 254 milliseconds on the Pix 240 analog audio inputs. 


What I have tested is disappointing. NO embedded AUDIO on HDMI.  Very clever trick Canon. It seems obvious to me that you (Canon) are protecting the C-100 market.  I know you can say "You wanted clean HDMI, we GAVE YOU clean HDMI.  Now you want embedded AUDIO too?! What do you expect for free?"  I find the exclusion of embedded audio an insult to the users of this camera / loyal customers who rely heavily on the video features.  Go ahead a plead ignorance but it's ridiculous not to activate audio along with the clean video.


Canon, if you are trying to drive the DSLR market to more expensive solutions, you are likely going to be successful.  It's just that many of us will be considering Sony and Black Magic vs. C-100 and C-300. 

With these observations about the much awaited catch up with Nikon d800, I will not be upgrading to new firmware but to another brand unless we get an official explanation from Canon or find these observations to be erroneous.


"I feel very disappointed" 😞


I never leave comments on discussion boards, but I signed up just to do so.


I'm a filmmaking student and spent my hard earned money on a Canon 5D Mark III only 4 months ago. ($3500 is a lot of money for a student!!)

Now I feel like my money should have been saved and spent on something like the Blackmagic.

Should I sell my 5D now? 


Please Canon, if you could greatly improve the overall image quality with HDMI 4:2:2 8 bit output then I will stay a loyal customer.


.......otherwise...I don't know what I'm going to do....eBay?

No Audio through HDMI ? No Quality improvement whatsoever? Touted as an upcoming feature for over a year??


Literally this has been a slapped together update that has not had an ounce of thought or quality put toward it for the DSLR filmmaker / journalists / 5Dmk3 owners who were hoping to achieve better quality video out of there DSLRS.


Seriously Canon, You have so much potential and yet you insist on crippling your products like this does you no favours.

There are a huge number of filmmakers + videographers+journalists and media that helped fuel sales of the 5dmk2 that you provided decent firmware for over time and allowed the camera to a much more powerful tool.


So here we are 4 years since you added manual control to the 5Dmk2... and we get this, a half working - pointless HDMI live feed out that not only offers no noticeable difference in image quality - but as some are reporting actually degrades it ( and with no audio as of 03/05/13 ).


Understandably you want to try and protect your Cinema EOS line - but you must understand - offering half working firmware like this on what could have been a potentially groundbreaking camera is not only damaging your brand by offering sub-par low quality features - but is actively driving away Canon customers.


If you want any chance of redemption by the masses without making this firmware update look like a joke:


1) Fix the HDMI output so audio works + correct any image issues.

2) Offer a better recording codec that will imrpove the quality (resolution/color/dr) of video recordings internally or at least improve the HDMI output to offer a higher bitrate / cleaner output than the internal files.




Lastly, some advice on your 1DC: 

Make your EOS 1DC shoot to prores (422/ 422LT) internally + improve the resolution of  the1080p / 1080p50 video (soft in its current form) + add 1080p120 if possible and charge $7999 for it and watch how much money you make.


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