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5D Mark III problems


Just got my new camera and couldn't figger out how to get manual exposures to work, so I used auto settings until I had time to read the manual thouroughly. Having done that, I did not find a solution to the problem. When I'm on manual, it seems that the mirror sticks up... all of the auto settings are working fine, though, so it's not a mechanical problem. This happens with a large variety of lenses that I use with my D60.


Another problem is that I prefer to shoot RAW but it occasionally reverts to JPG without me consciously changing it. This is just strange.



Sounds like it's set for Live View or possibly Sensor Cleaning (less likely).


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First go into your menu settings "Clear all settings". Than set the dial on the left side to 'M'. Now turn the small wheel on the right top and the big wheel on the back for adjustment.

You may have put the camera in 'silent shooting', too. More likely than live View mode.

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I'm not sure exactly what I did, but it's working now... thank you all for your ideas!

I think its that 666 in your ID 🙂

Yep, 666, that's what's made me so lucky in finding people with the solutions to my problems:-)

However, I still have no idea how it changed from RAW to JPG... I often lay it down uncased, so buttons could have been pushed without my knowledge, but that seems pretty unlikely that that particular combination could have been accessed.

I know 2 ways that can toggle between JPG and RAW: Press Q / then INFO. and the SET button (if the shortcut has been turned on). I think in your case, the SET button may get pressed when you put your camera down and you accidentally rotate the dial. You can try to remove this option from the SET button via custom function. Just my guess.
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Good idea, I'll check that and change it... Thank you!


Just to make sure, by manual you dialed the setting to letter M and not C1, C2, or C3.

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