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5D Mk III that flips image file numbers at random


First post: I really love my new 5D Mk III. But it has this annoying habit of randomly swapping file numbers in the middle of a shoot. Absolutely nothing changed, same CF card, same timeframe. But some files suddenly get an "8" at thebeginning of the file name, which sends the images to a different place in the folder and throws everything out of sequence. For example,file  _V6E3900 becomes 8V6E3900. It goes this way for a bunch of images, then suddenly switches back to the _V6E  prefix. The only things that change are the "_" and the "8." But why do they change?


What's going on, and how can I fix it?


Thanks very much.





In any model of Canon DSLR I've used up to now the _ as the first digit in a file number meant it was shot in ADOBE RGB, which most don't want to use even though they might think they do. Having just checked my downloaded 5D3 manual things haven't changed so look up SETTING THE COLORSPACE & set it the sRGB for conventional file numbers & leave it that way unless you must shoot in Adobe RGB for something special.

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You might have set the camera to use sRGB for one of the C modes and AdobeRGB in other modes, then a simple swithc of the mode dial would cuase the camera to change the file name to one with an underscore _ character or not in the first position of the filename.


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Yip, thinking the same, it's must be a setting you have applied to one of your C modes and not realized it. Reset you Custom shooting modes. If that's not it, clear all camera settings
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