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5D Mk III battery grip with AA magazine question....


I have owned the BG-11 for a few years now and only recently got around to trying out the BGM-E11A "AA" battery pack.


I noticed that the battery info says "BGM-E6" instead of BGM-E11A. ("BGM-E6" is the AA pack for the 5D Mk II)


Is this normal? Does anyone else see the same thing when using the AA pack with a 5D Mk III?




Mike Sowsun


Not normal.


Did you previously own a gripped 5D II and may have grabbed the wrong battery magazine?


I still have my gripped 5D III... so I looked at my AA battery magazine and it is the BGM-E11A and it does fit my grip.


So barring the possibility that you simply picked up the wrong AA battery magazine from a 5D II grip... then I'd say they somehow sent you the wrong battery magazine.


Tim Campbell
5D III, 5D IV, 60Da

My magazine clearly says BGM-E11A on it, so it is the correct one. 


If possible, could you check your 5D3 with AA batteries and confirm what your battery info says. I am thinking it just may be a glitch.

Mike Sowsun

Ok... NOW I see what you mean.  When I load it with batteries, insert it into the camera, and navigate to the Battery Info menu, it reports that it is the BGM-E6 (just is your image shows) even though it is really the BGM-E11A.


My guess is the 5D III firmware is probably based on the 5D II firmware (but modified as needed) ... except they failed to update the label on that menu.



Tim Campbell
5D III, 5D IV, 60Da

Thanks, for checking.   I’m glad it’s not just mine.... Maybe someday Canon will put out a firmware release to fix it. 

Mike Sowsun
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