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5D III off color


Purchased 2 5D III's and 1D X recently.  The color on 5D III's leans to the green side.  I have all settings in Adobe Camera Raw set the same for all cameras.  Images are shot in RAW and on custom white balance in studio light on a target.  I am using a color balanced monitor as well.  I have 1D IV, 1D III, 1Ds III and 7D that do not have this shift to the green.  I set the 5D III's to a +2 Magenta to compensate for the green and it does help in a properly exposed image.  If an image is under exposed and pushed in ACR it will go even more green.  I have samples taken in studio lighting with the same 24 70 2.8 L II lens and ISO 200 at f9 and f20 to produce underexposure.  The link is here and the images are labeled.


Any help would be appreciated.




I haven't seen this problem at all...there is something wrong with that body


Hi jayfaugot,


Thanks for writing in.  We are sorry to hear that your EOS 5D Mark III tends towards the green side when shooting!  We have looked at the images you sent us and it appears that your camera is in need of service.  We apologize for any inconvenience that this may cause you.  You can set up a repair on our web site, the link is below:

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