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1D X Mk II not changing exposure in bursts when in One Shot AF mode


When I set aperture priority, AI servo, and High Speed continuous drive and shoot bursts, the shutter speed changes as the camera is pointed to differently lit subjects. Every frame is properly exposed.


However, when autofocus is changed to One Shot, and I shoot bursts of the same subjects, there is no change in shutter speed - it remains at the value it was for the first shot of the burst.


I'm guessing that shouldn't occur. It seems that exposure lock is happening in that situation.


So is that due to a setting I inadvertently set (I hope)?

Does the camera need a reset (clearing all camera settings didn't work)?

Is this a known issue?







You seem to have the winning solution!


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@kvbarkley wrote:

Usually when on the phone they do.

You're probably correct.  I have had to only call in once, and they quickly gave me a Case number.  I have tested this behavior before.  But I never realized that it could be Metering Mode dependent.


It is not a strenuous test to figure out, but you have to recognize what to test for.  You have to recognize the boundary conditions of the problem, and work from there.  Most people tend test a solution, instead of measuring the problem.

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You seem to have the winning solution!


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"Yet the canon techs tell me otherwise."


Did they say how you used it was not how it was supposed to work because I think it is working as it should. If you need it to do something else you need to change some settings.

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It does what I need it to do by using AI servo instead of One Shot. The issue about it re-metering in burst mode is sort of just academic.

@dbltapp wrote:

I sort of think the same way. Yet the canon techs tell me otherwise. Recently asked them if they'd actually tried to replicate my issue with a real camera rather than just assuming how it's supposed to function. We'll see...

Sometimes techs can be wrong.  They're human.


After some searching, I have found the documentation that confirms the behavior that I described.  Which was, in One Shot mode the exposure will lock, and stay locked until you release the shutter.  In other words, when you use One Shot, the exposure will stay locked for as long as you keep the shutter fully pressed in Continuous Drive mode.




This behavior is described in the blue box at the bottom of the page.


You can learn something every day.  Apparently, the exposure lock behavior is dependent upon your metering mode.  If you use Evaluative Metering, which I do 99.999% of the time for action photography, then exposure will lock once you perform the initial [focus] lock.  


For the other metering modes, [apparently] the exposure does not lock.  The camera will meter the exposure for each new frame when you are using Continuous Drive mode.  You can learn something new every day.


If you want do not want an exposure lock with Evaluative Metering when you are using One Shot AF with Continuous Drive mode, then follow the approach that I suggested above.  Even though the AF mode is AI Servo, you can force the camera to wait until it achieves a focus lock before firing the shutter, just like One Shot AF.  But, it meters each [new] frame because it is in AI Servo mode, unlike One Shot AF.

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