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Thinking of Renting an L-Series Lens to Photograph Fireworks

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Rising Star

I Thinking of Renting A L-Series Lens to Photograph Fireworks this year, I will be using a Canon eos-M50 with a Canon adapter to use EF lenses and was wondering if anyone would have any suggestions? Also any suggestion of whom to rent from in the United States if allowed? I too some pictures last year that did not turn out bad though I was closer to the fireworks than I would have liked and they were just some some friends and people in the neighborhood has shot off as I had gotten sick earlier in the day and did not want to go far. I had used a Canon EF-S 18 55 macro 0.25m 0.8ft lens on that day and I would like to try a lens better than that. Link to that thread below.This all depends on how my girlfriends health goes, she had a brain aneurysm bleed back in September and has been having problems with that and she fell and broke her hip in February so my life revolves around her, she is more important than photography right now. Thank you for reading and everyone have a good evening.



I don't have any specific recommendations for a rental company but I have friends that have rented from several of the well-known ones on the Internet and all have had good experiences.

Depending on where you live a local camera store may do rentals as well.

Wishing you and your girlfriend good health.

John Hoffman
Conway, NH

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Thank you very much John for the well wishes for my girlfriend and myself. Unfortunately the closest camera store that does anything like that to me is over an hour away, with gas prices being what they are that is just not an option. It was a good suggestion though and I thank you for it.


I thought the photos at the link looked pretty good for a first attempt.  They look much better than mine.  It became too crowded to use my tripod, so I had to shoot handheld.

Are you looking for an ultra-wide angle lens, a wider aperture lens, or both?  Whatever lens you used in the linked post did a pretty decent job.  

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I am thinking a ultra wide angle would be the choice, I am not sure an wider aperture is necessary since I am dealing with bring lights, but I may well be mistaken as I am still learning. I am willing to be corrected if I am wrong about that though.

Thank you for the compliment on the linked pictures, I used a Canon EF-S 18-55 macro 0.25m 0.8ft lens on that evening.



My good friend Dr, Frank Perez at the Memorial Day Celebration at the Station in KC. He used a Tamron SP 24-70mm f/2.8 Di VC USD G2 Lens.


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Thank you much, I will look into it for sure. His picture turned out quite nice.



Its been a while.  Nice to see you again.

Lens Rentals dot com is a good place to rent from.  For any rental gear, you should plan to get it 2 or more days before your event, so you can test and ensure all is working.


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Thank you much, nice to see you as well. I have not been able to shoot much since her brain aneurysm bleed on Sept. 3 I had foot surgery two days before that and she was supposed to take care of me for a month but I ended up on the foot an awful lot and things have gone poorly with it, I almost had to have it amputate but luckily the doctor that did the surgery realized that what they thought was bone infection was what he had to do to do the surgery. There was severe infecting for sure, I would post a picture but I think it would gross some people out. But I have not been able to get off the foot as I am caring for her so it is not going well. I have consequently not been able to take many pictures as she is a fall risk and I am afraid to leave her along and going far from the truck gets painful fast anyway. I was able to get this picture while pulled off the side of the road. I will check that site out and will be sure to get it ahead of time, I would like to rent for a week so I can play with it.

I have the money to get the R5 or the R5 ii when it is released but with what is going on I will wait until things have settled down, no sense wasting a warranted while it sits on the shelf not getting used.
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+1 to lens rentals.

If you really like that lens, they will let you buy it. That is how I got my Tamron 150-600.

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