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First Attempt at Photographing Fireworks

Rising Star
Rising Star

I had never shot fireworks before this year, my dog has always been very afraid of the sounds so I normally spend the night laying on the bed holding her when she shakes. She lost he hearing this year which of course is horrible but because of it I was able to go out and try this. I know some of them are a little off center, they are hard to predict.

Fierwork Lightroom resize 2.jpg_MG_0010.jpg_MG_9982.jpg_MG_9980.JPG_MG_0007.JPG_MG_0001.JPG_MG_9981.JPG




Looking good FarOut!

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Thank you. I followed my basic settings from a video I found on Youtube. I was able to get this moon image using the same persons videos._MG_9958_hdr Cropped.jpg



Very nice fireworks photos. There was a news item that said fireworks cause a lot of pets to run away. One of mine shivers for two or three days until he realizes that the boom-boom is gone...until New Year's Eve.

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Mine would not shiver for three days but pretty much until the next day. I hate that she has lost her hearing though, I would rather she could still hear and I could not photograph them. I feel so sorry for her.


Great job!  For your next assignment, try focus pulling, where you manually rotate the focus ring while the shutter is open.  Gives you some wild results. 

Walt Felix

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Neat effects. I just turned in my reading focusing glasses to have a lens replaced that they messed up so I can't photograph much of anything right now. I can kind of squint and focus, but that is it. I can't see the screen at all with these driving glasses. I have to go, hard to see the computer with theses glasses and my eyes are beginning to hurt, I did not want to be rude and not reply though. Oh how long do you leave the shutter open to do this? Thanks.

I have the camera in Bulb Mode with a Cable release and do it entirely by feel. Obviously, the lens needs to be set to manual focus.  I watch the mortar go up and press the release just before it explodes.  While holding the shutter open, I'll rotate the focus ring, while the firework expands, and release the button once I get full rotation.  Helps to get an idea where infinity is on the lens as it not all the way at one end.  Usually it's just before the end of the rotation. 

If you open the shutter with the lens on infinity and then rotate out, You'll get an effect like this where the firework blurs out at the tips.35558780322_bc0d236c97_b 

Going the other way, out of focus to infinity, will give you almost a sea anemone effect.


Walt Felix

EOS 5D Mk IV, 90D, 400D

Thank you I'll try to keep this in mind for next year. My picture taken is going to slow down here for a little bit I'm having surgery on my foot on the 1st and I'll be stuck in the house and then I'm walking cast a month and then another cast for a while after that.

Great idea ! I've never tried this kind of photos