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Favorite part of photography? Out west collection.


Photography truly has the power to capture and preserve the essence of culture, allowing others to gain a deeper understanding and appreciation. By peering through the lens, you can uncover hidden stories, traditions and unique aspects that might otherwise go unnoticed. It's like a window into worlds that are both familiar and unfamiliar. It really has helped teach me how to be present and to be able to see through a totally different perspective.

What is your favorite thing about photography or what has it taught you?

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Good questions. I find it hard to narrow it down to one aspect but here goes; I like to take nature photos. A trip to a local mountain stream found bugs crawling on the trail, flowering weeds, leaves in various stages of returning back to the soil. The classic was a snail rushing across dead leaves. Obviously, it had a destination, if snails have destinations.

Canon EOS T7; EF-S 18-55mm IS; EF 28-135mm IS; EF 75-300mm; Sigma 150-600mm DG

Oh wow, what makes you curious in these moments that seem to be transitional. Are you curious in how it all works together? the colors?

Rising Star

That I need to bring a chair along. Let me explain, I am disabled because of a few car accidents so often times I rush because of pain, if I have a chair along I do not have to stand which is the one thing that hurts me more than anything. When I am not in pain I take much better time with my compositions and it clearly shows.

I am trying to see things in a more artistic light, I am a straight forward get it done everything is black and white kind of person and I have to try to see things from other perspectives to see shots where I do not normally see shots. An open gate that I just walked by another photographer I was with got a very nice artistic shot and I never even saw it. Of course I was making a beeline for a waterfall but still I should have seen it. I have to get better at that.


Anything related to technical aspects. The more technical, the better. Some specific examples I have enjoyed over the years:

  • Labeling custom speedlite gels with transmission loss values to help compute what power to set flashes to when switching out gels.
  • Establishing nodal points for lenses in order to take panoramas without parallax.
  • Measuring light loss in all my light modifiers.

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EOS C70, RF 24-70 f/2.8L IS, EF-EOS R 0.71x


The colors and emotions that the photographer conveys through his work fascinate me. I like photos in which you can see life as it is seen in reality. Also some of the details of this world captured on camera can be a great reflection and realization. I'm talking about parts of the world like ice cube vector or different details like a logo or avatar of some account. That is, not the whole photo, but a small part of it.