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RF Lenses Difficult to Mount


Has anyone else experienced difficulty in attachig an RF series lens to their camera, in so far that the lens seems to fit too snugly and resists rotating into the locked position. I have an R10 that came with the "kit" lens whichi uses a plastic mount. Today I bought a 35mm/macro lens that has the metal flange. I tried several different lenses on the camera and they all seemed to require too much torque to get them turned to the locked position. The salesperson said that's the way Canon is making them. I did see someone else referencing an EF lens with the same issue. I'm mostly just curious if many other Canon users have had a similar issue.



FWIW, I don't have the R10, but do have the R5, 6, and 6 mark II and 5 RF lenses, all but 1 are L, also an RF 1.4X extender and 2 EF-RF adapters. All are snug but easily rotate and lock into place just like any of my EF lenses on our DSLR's.

IMO, you shouldn't have to apply significant force or pressure to attach the lens, so you may want to have the R10 professionally inspected since it happens with all of your lenses.


EOS R5, R6, R6II. RF 15-35 f/2.8L, 50mm f/1.2L, 85mm f/1.2L, 100mm f/2.8L Macro, 100-400mm, 100-500mm L, 1.4X.

The R10 and other Canon camera bodies in the store had the same issue with the lens. Maybe it's a different grade of mount on the base models like the R10? Anyway, thanks for your reply. The lens does come on and off, and works fine, so I'm going to attribute it to manufacturing tolerances.

Product Expert
Product Expert

Greetings RF_LENS_USER,

There may be some friction when mounting a Canon RF lens onto a Canon R-series camera, but the lens should still rotate until it locks into place. In case you're having trouble mounting the lens to the camera body then we recommend on sending the camera to our facility for an evaluation and / or service.

Items purchased directly from Canon USA or from an Authorized Canon Dealer do include a one-year warranty if the item was purchased less than a year ago. You may view a list of Authorized Canon Dealers by clicking on the following link. I would recommend including a copy of your Proof of Purchase when sending in your item for the facility to review for any in-warranty service or repair.

Canon U.S.A., Inc. has created a new online repair portal that allows you to set up service in a few simple steps. The repair portal gives you the ability to set up service for multiple pieces of equipment at once, and to receive a repair estimate in the majority of cases, depending on your model and issue. The portal also allows you to upload images or videos that will assist us in repairing your product. You can also select how you wish to be notified of the progress of your repair. The portal's service history section allows you to view all services that have been performed on any of your camera or video products since January 7, 2020.

Please follow the link below to access our online repair portal to arrange for service:

Instructions for Accessing and Using the Online Repair Portal.

You will need to access or create your My Canon Account.

If you already have a My Canon Account and your product is already registered, simply click on the “Get Repair Services” link on the left menu and follow the onscreen instructions to arrange for service for your product.

If you have a My Canon Account and your product is not registered, you must register your product first. Click on the “Get Repair Services” link on the left menu, then click on the “Register Product” link on the right. After your product is registered, click on the “Get Repair Service” link on the left menu and follow the onscreen instructions to arrange for service for your product.

If you do not have a My Canon Account, you will need to create one. After you create your account, click on the “Add Product” link to register your first product. After your product is registered, click on the “Get Repair Service” link on the left menu and follow the onscreen instructions to arrange for service for your product.

Once you have completed the repair request, you will have an opportunity to print a copy of the request for your records. This request form will also contain shipping instructions and an address label that you will attach to the outside of your shipping box when mailing your equipment for repair.

Thanks for your reply. I don't think there's anything wrong with the camera body and the 35mm lens does latch onto it. The thign I noticed that when rotating the lens into place, the motion was uneven and "tight". I have had a Canon AE1 Program and recall how smooth and "silky" the feel was when rotating the lenses.

I had originally bought a RF 50mm and exchanged it for the 35mm lens. The 50mm lens did not want to turn readily beyond where it caught the first locking tab, so the salesperson tried it on the store's camera. It took as much twisting force as compared to removing a tight lid on a jar. He did have another lens which was better, but still very tight. The kit lens that came with the R10 is not a problem, likely because it's made of plastic instead of having the metal mount. What I wonder is why Canon designed a mount that twists on with minimal force. Otherwise I'm happy with the len's performance.