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RF 600mm f11 or TTartisan 500mm f6,3 for wildlife?


Hi, I wish to get in to wildlife photography. A couple months ago I received my first camera the R50, as well as two kit-lenses, the 18-45mm and the 55-210mm.

Since getting my camera I’ve really enjoyed going out taking photos and wildlife caught my attention real fast, but as it happens I came to realize the limitations of my lenses. The 210mm has been okay and I’ve taken some decent pictures with it, but it annoys me that I can’t get any closer.

I would like to get rid of my two lenses and purchase a lens with further reach and on my own it has come down to the RF 600mm f11 and TTartisan 500mm f6,3 (Please say if there are better options).

I can’t choose. They both have shortcomings and well as upsides. The 600mm is light, small and has auto focus though a really bad aperture and cost more. The 500mm has great aperture, build quality and it’s quite a lot cheaper, but it’s larger heavier and it doesn’t have auto focus. (Please say if there is anything important I’m not considering)

I’m a student, this is a hoppy and my budget is tight. I think that I could get about 250 euros if I sell my current lenses. The 600mm cost about 500 euros (used on mpb) and the the 500mm cost about 300 euros new (on eBay).

I could buy the 500mm at this moment, but I’m going to wait and save up to buy the 600mm if that is what I choose.

I am asking for your recommendations and experience. If I am totally off and I should save up even more, or look at some entirely different options please say so as well. Thank you in advance -Niels



To me the biggest drawback would be lack of autofocus, especially for wildlife.

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Student, tight budget, We get it.  Its not going to change our recommendation.  You are going to get the best performance using Canon lenses with your Canon camera.

I'm not sure I would sell my existing lenses.  In doing so, you will limit your ability to use the camera for daily photography endeavors.  Landscapes, family portraits, etc.   I think adding the 600mm might be worth while. I would take autofocus over a less expensive lens like John mentioned.  Consider waiting a bit, saving a little and then getting the lens.  Up to you of course.   

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A bit of a contrarian here:

Having *only* a 600 or 500 mm lens is pretty limiting. What happens if you can only fit the head of the moose in the frame? Ask him to wait while you run back 100 yards to better compose the shot?

I suggest the Tamron or Sigma 150-600 zoom which offers a lot more flexibility. You still need the Canon EF-RF adapter, but reports here indicate that these lenses pair well with RF cameras.

Do *not* get rid of the 18-45 in order to get long reach, by doing that, you will basically make your camera a telescope, unusable for most situations.

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I would have to agree, don't sell your lenses.

I own several Sigma lenses and the performance has been great on both my R50 and 6 MII. I own the 60-600mm and have used it on my R50, it looks a bit strange but the results quickly make me forget how odd it looks.

The 150-600mm is lighter than the 60-600mm but I bought it for the additional range. Just be aware that the setup should not be carried from the lens and not the body, the weight on the lens mount would be brutal. Sigma has a couple refurbished, I have purchased refurb from them and they have always been like new. You can pick up the EF to RF adapter for $129. I tested others, cheaper but the auto focus with the Canon adapter was superior.

Hit their USA site and go to their outlet for a couple good deals on the both the 150-600mm S and C lenses. If you pick one up they ship very quickly.


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Not only is the TTartisan manual focus, it's also manual aperture. Strike two.


I can go one step further and say do not buy the TTartisan 500mm f6,3, period. Spending money you don't have for something that is a poor choice in the first place is doubly worse. The best go is one of the 150-600mm super zooms and the Tamron is the best of the bunch. I know money is an issue but it is for most of us which makes it a bigger mistake to waste it. There is always the used market and these type lenses are a good buy used. They generally receive little use and that is why some folks sell them.

"the 18-45mm and the 55-210mm."

Keep the 18-45mm and sell the 55-210mm if you must.

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