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RF 200-800 still on back order?


It’s now January 8 and Canon is STILL saying this lens is on back order and offering nothing further. I expect a lot more from them. I pre-ordered mine from B&H photo in NY on 11/2/23. My friend ordered hers after me, directly from Canon. I didn’t realize that was an option. She received hers last week. Today, I again got a “back order” status from B&H. These orders are not being processed in the order received. Incredibly disappointing.


Regarding warranty, I've purchased numerous lenses and cameras from Camera Canada, an authorized dealer. The warranty card says "Canon USA, Inc. Canon Canada, Inc." on it.

I had to send one lens in for warranty service, and everything was covered.


great to hear thanks! It is strange, most of the dealers I have reached out to in Canada will not ship to the US. I'll be in Vermont this weekend, may be taking a road trip to Montreal 😄 

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